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RUMORS: Houston Astros To Call Up Top Prospect, Alex Bregman

Following a very impressive appearance in the the MLB Futures Game, Houston Astros’ top prospect, Alex Bregman, could find himself back in a Major League Baseball stadium very soon. There has been rumors and reports that the Astros could call up Bregman as early as this weekend. While nothing has been confirmed, this is very exciting news for baseball fans and fantasy owners.



For Whatever League Wins The 2016 ALL – Star Game: Chances Are Home Field Wont Matter In The World Series Because Of The Dumb 2 – 3 – 2 Format

MLB Reports

Chances are that whichever League wins this game tonight will actually plays less games at home in the World Series is more likely to happen, than a 7 game set in the World Series. Chances are that whichever League wins this game tonight will actually plays less games at home in the World Series, as a 5 games Fall Classic  is more likely to happen, than a 7 game set in the World Series.

Hunter Stokes (Chief Writer/Part Owner) 

Yeah I said it… and fully mean it.  This is my annual gripe of how the ALL – Star Game winner will likely not play more games at their home park because of the 2 – 3 – 2 format.  I am sure that a lot of people hate the fact the Midsummer Classic even determines home field advantage.

I actually don’t think the game meaning something is a bad idea.  I guess no one remembers that drab games we suffered from about 1995 – 2002 – where more players would exit the game and hop on a pending flight, than…

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Midseason Top 100 Prospect Rankings Analysis (61-70)

Below you can find my analysis for the prospects ranked between 71-80 for the 2016 midseason top prospect list. If you want to see the full top 100 list, please visit the following link: SEE THE TOP 100 PROSPECT RANKINGS. I will be posting daily analysis of every player listed in the top 100, so please follow my blog and other social media for updates.



  1. Kyle Lewis (SEA, 20 Years Old, OF): Kyle Lewis was drafted 11th overall by the Seattle Mariners in the 2016 MLB Draft. Lewis went to a small college named Mercer University, but nothing about Lewis is small. He puts up HUGE numbers at the plate, he is a massive human being, and he is going to be a big-time prospect. He stands 6’4 and weighs about 210 pounds. He currently plays centerfield, but as he fills out, he is expected to play one of the corner spots in the outfield. In his last season at Mercer, Lewis hit .395, with 20 home runs, 72 RBIs, and a .525 OBP. In his short time in the minors, he hasn’t been overmatched at all, which is a great sign. Lewis has immense potential and could be a serious home run threat down the line.



My Baseball Memories: More Than Peanuts and Popcorn

Copyright FoulBallzFor many, food is a big part of life.  We have favorite memories on holidays, and family recipes that are passed from year to year.   Certain beverages and special treats and their connection to baseball are no exception in my mind.  I think that unlike any other sport, the aura of baseball includes what we look forward to eating and drinking on game days, and helps form our memories of how baseball has affected our lives.

Granted, we all have our favorite Super Bowl meal, and we think of the comfort of hot chocolate and coffee at the cold high school football games, but baseball transcends the menu of delicacies that await us at the stadium.  The American tradition of peanuts and popcorn….hot dogs…and my list extends even beyond this normal game fare.

Take beer for example.  In the 1980s and ‘90s when we frequented the Reds games in Cincinnati, my husband and father-in-law had a running gag about the price of beer.  My father-in-law could barely swallow his $3.50 cold one during a game, so outraged by the price.  My husband, never one to avoid the chance to rub a sore wound, bought him a Reds t-shirt the next Christmas and had “Beer.  $5.00 a glass” printed on it.  We had a good laugh at the threat of inflation and baseball, until years later when we all realized the joke was on us after beer prices climbed to a whopping $7.00 in most stadiums!  Yet despite the price, we all agreed that a cold beer at a hot summer game day was worth a million!
And then there are the fans, with no mind of the cost, agreeing to go to baseball games only for the food. My daughter, Katie was dragged her first 10 years to game after game so her older brother could either watch his heroes or try to become one.  She would grimace when we told her we were headed to Riverfront, until we reminded her of the ice cones and other treats that awaited her.  She’d sit through extra innings, without a fuss, as long as she had money in her pocket to stop the next vendor.  We even had birthday parties for her at my son’s Knothole games.  Packing the car with cupcakes, knowing the late July tournament would take the whole day and evening with no chance of a birthday party in the backyard. She’d pass out her cupcakes and the fans would sing “Happy Birthday” to Katie in between games.

I also have a great memory of when my son, Nick, played middle and high school baseball.


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Who Owned Baseball July 11, 2016 – Home Run Derby Edition (Daily #MLB AL/NL Pitcher + Hitter MVP’s) + 2016 #WOB Standings

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636038740145452595-USATSI-9379848 Photo: Jake Roth, USA TODAY Sports

Giancarlo Stanton won the Home Run Derby, launching 61 in total and winning the final round, 20-13. He earned a fill WOB.

Todd Frazier finished second in the Home Run Derby with 42 homers over all. He earned 1/2 a WOB.

They Both Owned The 2016 Home Run Derby

To view the Yearly Leaders for Who Owned Baseball Standings, plus see who gained 1/2 WOB’s – Click the READ THE REST OF THIS ENTRY ICON OR SCROLL DOWN.

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Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – July 12, 2016

MLB Reports

Bryce+Harper+Gatorade+Star+Workout+Day+Vb0zi6I17AQl Harry How/Getty Images North America

I have a few Home Run Derby thoughts. Then I address a question from super fan Cubs Fan with an 8 about Bryce Harper‘s lack of a cute and cuddly nature.

It is a brown and yellow uniform episode of The Sully Baseball Daily Podcast.

Giancarlo Stantonand Todd Frazier both added to their totals for Who Owns Baseball yesterday.

See the updated listing of WOB on MLB Reports

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My Baseball Memories: “That’s the Way it Are”

Adam+Duvall+Cincinnati+Reds+v+Houston+Astros+9jUrurKMl7LlOver the years my husband and I have discovered many life lessons because of baseball.  Our favorite, and the one we refer to more than any others, is one we learned while our son was playing Knothole baseball in northern Kentucky.

It was a normal Saturday afternoon for that time in our lives.  Our son had passionately gathered a team of players, and my husband, a high school and college football player, had reluctantly agreed to coach this team of honor roll students, who were growing up surrounded by the effects of the 1990 Cincinnati World Series win.  My husband had no first hand baseball experience, but plenty of team know-how after years of good, and mostly bad coaching.  He eventually figured that his coaching knowledge of dos and don’ts would aid my son’s dream team.

This day the game progressed as usual.  Both teams were neck and neck, but we knew that fate was on our side.  Lately, despite the fact we were a new team emerging from inexperience and hope that smarts and passion would eventually shine forth, things were going our way.  The Tornados were an “ok” team, and we had confidence that the day was ours.
As one of the most talented players on our team hit a powerful grounder and ran to first and then to second, the ump called him out, despite the obvious safe slide into base.  Parents stood on edge, coaches threw their caps either to the ground or into the air, and our players, in true baseball spirit and with hands on their hips, protested the call.  We all took a deep breath, except for one mom on the other team who felt she was going to take this conflict into her own hands.  She stepped to the line, pointed her finger at our boys, and yelled, “that was called an out…and that’s the way it are!!!”

There was a moment of silence.  And then the honor roll players on my husband’s team stepped up to the plate and returned a sneering yell in symphony:  “That’s the way it ARE?  That’s the way it ARE?  Lady? That’s the way it ARE?”

Horrified by the possibility of a scuffle between players and Mom,…

–By Karen Avery

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What the Blue Jays need at MLB Trade Deadline Pt1


2. Jays from the Couch_WHITE

It might seem odd to be talking about the July 31st Trade Deadline a couple of weeks beforehand. Or, it might not. Many of the major outlets, and those who represent them, have already begun their assessment of the market and sharing at will. By now, teams will have been identified as ‘buyers’ or ‘sellers’ and storylines will evolve accordingly. Assessing a club two weeks ahead of the deadline can be difficult given that so much can change. Losing a key player shifts priorities in an unexpected way. A sudden hot (or cold) streak changes which label you enter the dance with.

With that said, the Toronto Blue Jays can be expected to be looking to make deals to bolster their already strong roster in an attempt at repeating their playoff appearance from a year ago. At the All Star break, the club is 2 games out of the division lead and hold a Wild Card spot. We can expect that they will not be content with keeping status quo while the Orioles and Red Sox look to make improvements. So, they’ll seek out opportunities. They will not repeat last season’s flurry of deals, but they will try and add.

There are several areas teams look to improve at this time of year. For the Blue Jays, pitching depth has to be at the top of the list. That is not to say that the pitching they have is not good enough. Nope. But, if they are going to compete, they are going to need some help.


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