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Michael Brantley’s First Half 2016 #s (w/ DL Updates)


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hello all! we have now officially reached the All Star break! even though teams have played more than 81 games–the true halfway mark in baseball–this is considered to be the “first half” of the season. so that means it’s time for me to report Michael’s first half numbers of 2016.

and definitely check out the DL Updates section of the blog because there are some good ones!

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My 2016 MLB HR Derby Bracket Challenge: I Am Picking Giancarlo Stanton: Get Your Selections In

MLB Reports


Hunter Stokes (Chief Writer/Part Owner) 

This is going to be an awesome HR Derby.  I am surprised to see that I had to google search that there was an actual bracket contest.  Bad marks for the MLB in not promoting the living bejeezus out of this contest.
I mean everyone loves to fill out a bracket for the NCAA March Madness.  The MLB really needs to keep the pedal to the medal on any chance they can to cash in on any publicity this might generate. They even have a sponsor in T-Mobile.
Before we get into the selections themselves, lets look at the odds to win the thing.

Odds to win the 2016 MLB Home Run Derby

Giancarlo Stanton, MIA,  +325
Mark Trumbo, BAL, +375
Wil Myers, SD, +550
Todd Frazier, CWS, +600
Adam Duvall, CIN…

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Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – July 10, 2016

MLB Reports

MLB: Houston Astros at Toronto Blue Jays Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

It is Sunday and time for The Sunday Request.

The idea that the Blue Jays and Astros shouldn’t surprise anyone. That is what we THOUGHT they would be doing.

It is a “just do what is expected” episode of The Sully Baseball Daily Podcast.

Daniel Murphy, Max Scherzer, Eddie Rosario, Kendall Graveman, Kyle Seager, Tommy Josephand Nick Topeano all added to their totals for Who Owns Baseball yesterday.

See the updated listing of WOB on MLB Reports

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The 2016 BBBA’s ALL Star MLB Starting Lineups + Reserves – As Voted By Its Members

The home site of the 2015 MLB ALL - Star Game, The Great American Ball Park..Baseball owners, and the MLB alike, should really think about having tickets made available for purchase prior to the Christmas season every year. Both of the NBA and NHL have free rein on this concept, with their season's barely being midway yet in each calendar year at the end of December. The supply and demand for NFL tickets only reaches 8 games, and is never in question whether most stadiums will have good turnouts. You would think that kids especially, with love to receive game tickets as gifts on Christmas morning Instead, all that is available are gift certificates at this point in the year.

By Chuck Booth (BBBA President)

Thanks to all who voted for this.  We had a decent turnout.  In a few cases, players were tied, and in that instance, I picked a player so that all 30 clubs were represented, or initiated a tweak to the AL and NL Lineups based on real player injuries.

The Starting Pitchers would have been Chris Sale and Clayton Kershaw, of the each of their Leagues based on vote, however we are not doing it that way.

The Starters selected will be Danny Salazar of the Indians and Johnny Cueto of the Giants.  These guys are fully deserving for how they have pitched all year – and in particular the last year.

Kershaw is injured, and will be replaced by the Braves Julio Teheran to give the Braves a player on the NL squad.

Madison Bumgarner also starts tonight, and will be replaced by Bartolo Colon in real life, but for our purposes in voting, Max Scherzer will take his roster spot.

Eduardo Nunez is the lone Twins player. and we will use 4 Shortstops, and just 2 Catchers. although Victor Martinez is on the roster as a DH, and could see duty behind the dish in case we need him.

Rich Hill was the lone A’s player.  Voted in for a tie, but put to the front of the line for that case.

Wil Myers is the lone representative for the hometown San Diego Padres.

Evan Longoria is the lone rep for the Rays. Read the rest of this entry

My Baseball Memories: What Ernie Harwell Taught Me about Life

Detroit is rapidly aging with their core and they have added even more guys to the fold over this winter with Jordan Zimmermann and Francisco Rodriguez both 30 or over. This club may have opened up another 1 - 2 year winning window here - but will pay a steep financial price for it. The club is around $175 MIL already for total team salary and are right near the MLB Luxury Tax Threshold of $189 MIL.I grew up in what is arguably the most bankrupt major city in the US (morally and financially)—Detroit. Actually living in the city for a while and then just outside of it afforded me the opportunity to go to The Corner multiple times a season. I remember attending games and having to wiggle back and forth to see the entire field. Those obstructed view seats seemed everywhere when I was a kid. Blocked views aside, I got to see some of the greatest Tigers play: Kirk Gibson, Mark “The Bird” Fydrich, Jack Morris, Sweet Lou, Cecil Fielder, and on and on. My most prominent memory was getting to watch The Bird, once. 1977. I was 9. Indeed The Bird was “the Word” in Motown. His odd and unique delivery, the argument over whether or not he spoke to the ball, and all the quirks that came with him. It was a show with him. Baseball doesn’t have many outstanding quirky players like this, instead of headlines watching the wackiness of a great athlete, we get inundated with PED reports, of suspensions as a result of the Biogenesis investigation. Mark was refreshing. He was so awkward. And I actually wanted, for a brief time, to be as odd as him, but at my Little League position of catcher. It was a fleeting thought as my knees and eyes starting going, so it was off to a different sport. RIP Bird.

As much as I enjoyed that one vivid moment and watching him on TV, it wasn’t the best or most important part of my Tigers experience. Not by a long shot. The best part of growing up a Detroit Tigers fan wasn’t the players of that era or the past. I knew the storied history of the Tigers. Ty Cobb, Al Kaline, and Hank Greenberg are just a few; the list goes on and on. It wasn’t the storied history of the franchise. It wasn’t how awesome Tiger Stadium seemed as a kid when I went to games. It wasn’t any of that. It was a voice. A golden voice. A calm voice. THE voice of baseball.

Ernie Harwell.

THE voice of the Tigers. THE voice of MLB. He was ranked 16th by the American Sportscasters Association a few years ago, but he really isn’t that low on the list. Not to those who grew up hearing the man who introduced the start of each season with “The Voice of the Turtle”.

READ the rest on FOULBALLZ.COM at http://foulballz.com/baseball-memories/ernie/ 

Ed Comber (VP Of The BBBA/Owner – foulballz.com)  

The Black Prince of Baseball- Hal Chase and the Mythology of the Game: A Review

Before Babe Ruth, another mega star dominated the baseball landscape.  His name was Hal Chase and he was a supremely talented and flawed athlete and human, who was ultimately overtaken by his demons and unceremoniously cast out of the majors because of his penchant for gambling and allegedly throwing games—which possibly included involvement in the 1919 Chicago Black Sox scandal. Detailing his rise and fall is Donald Dewey and Nicholas Acocella, with their excellent The Black Prince of Baseball: Hal Chase and the Mythology of the Game (University of Nebraska Press, 2004/2016).


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