It’s Time for the Colorado Rockies to Trade Carlos Gonzalez & Maximize Their Return

When it comes to being a Colorado Rockies fan, there are four guarantees in life: death, taxes, lots of runs being scored at Coors Field and Carlos Gonzalez trade rumors. The only difference now is CarGo doesn’t have the pleasure of Troy Tulowitzki joining him in those rumors because he’s already gone.

After posting a 92-70 record in 2009, the organization hoped their franchise cornerstones would help deliver winning baseball on a consistent basis in the Mile High city, but that hasn’t happened. Actually, it’s been the complete opposite – after going 83-79 in 2010, Colorado hasn’t sniffed a .500 record since.

It’s not surprising to see Colorado nearing the All-Star break with a 38-45 record. However, despite being a likely insurmountable 13.5 games behind the San Francisco Giants in the NL West, they’re a not-totally-crazy seven games back for the final NL Wild Card spot.

Even though they’re “technically” in the Wild Card race, getting another year of lackluster results should spur the Rockies to become sellers before the August 1 non-waiver trade deadline. It looks like the front office will eventually do that instead of fighting to earn a spot in a play-in game, according to Patrick Saunders of the Denver Post. The problem is Saunders doesn’t think Gonzalez will be one of the players they’ll deal. He also thinks the outfielder will still be on the roster in 2017. If this ends up being true, it’s a huge mistake given the circumstances.


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