Michael Brantley’s June 2016 + DL Updates & All Star Voting Updates


photo courtesy of a Cut4 article

Michael Brantley’s June 2016 (w/ DL Updates)

let me address the abnormality that is this month’s blog. it’s going to be very different from all my previous monthlies because Michael did not play any games in June. as a result, the majority of sections you’d expect to find here have been omitted. still, i had plenty to write about. this blog mainly contains Michael’s DL updates along with some other information i came across throughout the duration of June. (hence why it’s not titled Brantley’s June “#s” as per usual.)

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Michael Brantley’s 2016 #s Through June (w/ All Star Voting Updates)

this blog is going to be very similar to the “#s Through May” blog. why is that? because Michael hasn’t played a game since May 9!

Michael has never missed an entire month of a season as long as i’ve been documenting and blogging about his numbers, so i’ve never faced this conundrum before. while it might seem pointless to you for me to list out all his numbers again, i came to the conclusion that it was necessary because despite him not having any June statistics, most of the sections in this blog did still change slightly and were updated accordingly.

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