Bill to “save America’s pastime”

Chris Kabout writes one of my favorite blogs. He mostly covers the business side of the Minors (where teams are moving, construction of ballparks etc..) but today he’s writing about the sham that is MInor League Salaries. I echo his sentiments so here’s Chris.

Dutch Baseball Hangout

In 2014 a lawsuit was filed in California to fight the ridiculous low wages in Minor League Baseball. For decades minor league players are getting paid poverty wages and do only get pay during the season. During Spring Training and during instructional leagues they are not paid. A federal magistrate has granted preliminary class-action status. This means that a group of former minor league players can file a lawsuit against 22 of the 30 MLB clubs. This lawsuit will take place early 2017.

Now two representatives, one Democrat from Illinois and one Republican from Kentucky have introduced a bill that is named “Save America’s Pastime Act”.  The name itself is very misleading as it aims to exclude minor league baseball from minimum wage laws. To put it better, it aims to keep minor league baseball excluded from those laws, the so called anti trust exemption of MLB.

To defend their bill, they claim…

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  1. Don’t forget the articles about Dutch baseball, about Dutch, Curacao and Aruban players in US baseball 😉

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