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MLB DFS Daily Fantasy Picks For FanDuel – 7/1/16

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Hunter Stokes (Chief Writer/Part Owner) 

One of the biggest blunders made by many gamblers is betting against themselves.  We are going to simplify the process, so if you win, you can really win – none of this barely break even nonsense.

Our new Draft Strategy is now here.  Please read after the post.

Now here is what we are going to do for today’s MLB DFS FanDuel style.

We Will Give You – Daily

5 team stacking options ( We are going to draw most of our players from these 5 squads).

3 Pitching candidates (High level, midlevel and budget).

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Daily Fantasy MLB DFS Picks For DraftKings – 7/1/16

P –  Michael Fulmer (vs. Tampa Bay Rays): $10,900. Fulmer has been dominant this season. In 63.2 innings pitched, he owns a 7-2 record, 2.54 ERA, 50 hits against, 60 strikeouts, and 24 walks. The Rays offense has struggled quite a bit in 2016, so Fulmer should be able to take care of business. Prior to Fulmer’s last start, he threw 33.1 consecutive scoreless innings.

P – Tanner Roark (vs. Cincinnati Reds): $9,800. Roark struggled his last time out against the Reds, but he has been spectacular for the rest of the 2016 season. In 16 starts, he owns a 7-5 record, with a 2.96 ERA, 90 hits against, 89 strikeouts, and 32 walks in 100.1 innings pitched. The Reds offense has been miserable over the past seven games, which is a great sign for Roark.


Michael Brantley’s June 2016 + DL Updates & All Star Voting Updates


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Michael Brantley’s June 2016 (w/ DL Updates)

let me address the abnormality that is this month’s blog. it’s going to be very different from all my previous monthlies because Michael did not play any games in June. as a result, the majority of sections you’d expect to find here have been omitted. still, i had plenty to write about. this blog mainly contains Michael’s DL updates along with some other information i came across throughout the duration of June. (hence why it’s not titled Brantley’s June “#s” as per usual.)

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Michael Brantley’s 2016 #s Through June (w/ All Star Voting Updates)

this blog is going to be very similar to the “#s Through May” blog. why is that? because Michael hasn’t played a game since May 9!

Michael has never missed an entire month of a season as long as i’ve been documenting and blogging about his numbers, so i’ve never faced this conundrum before. while it might seem pointless to you for me to list out all his numbers again, i came to the conclusion that it was necessary because despite him not having any June statistics, most of the sections in this blog did still change slightly and were updated accordingly.

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How Minor League Baseball is closely interwoven

With the Colorado Springs Sky Sox not even gone yet, it remains to be seen if they will leave any time soon, the city of Colorado Springs and Dave Elmore, owner of the Sky Sox, are discussing the possibility to keep minor league baseball in the city with a downtown ballpark. But this downtown ballpark will not one that can be the home for a AAA team.

It may look like a strange situation. The Sky Sox have not even signed a deal with the city
of San Antonio yet, as the latter is still discussing how to fund a new downtown AAA ballpark. And that is on which it is all depending: A move of the Sky Sox to San Antonio. Next to that the San Antonio Missions (AA, Texas League), must find a new home too. Still Amarillo is the best option but also in that city they are still finding a way to fund the stadium.

More to read here.

Blue Jays’ Edwin Encarnacion is Setting Himself Up Nicely for Free Agency





We didn’t really think we’d heard the end of the Edwin Encarnacion– Toronto Blue Jays contract situation, did we? Throughout the winter and Spring Training we were constantly reminded that there was no agreement in place for beyond the 2016 season. Throughout that period and into the season, we would hear constant reminders that this could be the last season in Toronto for The Walker of Parrots. Now that the season is well under way, there are rumblings of the Trade Deadline approaching and what that could mean for the 33 yr old.

The same can be said for Jose Bautista, perhaps more so. But unlike real life, this piece will bring Edwin out of the shadow of his older counterpart and put the focus squarely on him. After all, the argument exists that Encanrnacion has been the more productive of the two, which is kind of the point. Edwin is outperforming his pre-season projections and could be setting himself up for a nice payday in the fall.



These 2 MLB Players have Unexpectedly Boosted Their Trade Value This Season

Just like beauty, MLB trade value is in the eye of the beholder. What one interested team deems as desirable may not float the next team’s boat and vice versa.

The non-waiver trade deadline is at the end of July (or in this case, the beginning of August) for a reason. Not only does it allow teams to figure out if they have a chance at contending, but it also gives players time to show whether or not they’re worth the inherent risk that comes with acquiring them.

Some players who carried trade value on Opening Day have either maintained or enhancedit – Jonathan Lucroy and Jay Bruce come to mind – while others lost what little value they appeared to have left – like Matt Kemp.

Then, there’s another group of players that already had zero value, but have surprised everyone with their current performance. And since this level of play has been sustained through the first half of the season, there’s a good chance they’ll be wearing a different uniform within the next few weeks.

Outside of relief pitchers, the midseason trade market may not be as robust as in recent years. Teams in need of a boost must overturn every rock to find the value needed in order to reach the postseason and find success. That can lead front office executives down some unlikely paths, but these two players in particular seem more unlikely than the rest.


Bill to “save America’s pastime”

Chris Kabout writes one of my favorite blogs. He mostly covers the business side of the Minors (where teams are moving, construction of ballparks etc..) but today he’s writing about the sham that is MInor League Salaries. I echo his sentiments so here’s Chris.

Dutch Baseball Hangout

In 2014 a lawsuit was filed in California to fight the ridiculous low wages in Minor League Baseball. For decades minor league players are getting paid poverty wages and do only get pay during the season. During Spring Training and during instructional leagues they are not paid. A federal magistrate has granted preliminary class-action status. This means that a group of former minor league players can file a lawsuit against 22 of the 30 MLB clubs. This lawsuit will take place early 2017.

Now two representatives, one Democrat from Illinois and one Republican from Kentucky have introduced a bill that is named “Save America’s Pastime Act”.  The name itself is very misleading as it aims to exclude minor league baseball from minimum wage laws. To put it better, it aims to keep minor league baseball excluded from those laws, the so called anti trust exemption of MLB.

To defend their bill, they claim…

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