My Baseball Memories: A Reluctant Love Affair

My love affair with baseball began with reluctance.

As a high school student with two working parents, I was tasked with transporting my siblings to little league.  My brothers, aged six and ten, were aficionados.  They kept meticulous stats and collected shoeboxes full of cards.  They staged elaborate games in the backyard with multitudes of ghost runners and often only a single fielder.  I, on the other hand, had boyfriends to call and MTV to watch; I wasn’t interested in baseball.

But my brothers had been dragged to all my tennis matches, awards assemblies, and choir concerts, and Mom and Dad felt it was time I returned the favor.  So to baseball I went.

Practices weren’t too bad.  They were only an hour or so, and we were usually late.  5 pm would find us fishing through the laundry for pants or socks that no one had bothered to wash.  I’d usually bring a book and settle into my lawn chair, turning the pages of Pride and Prejudice to the dusty thump, thump, thump of balls hitting mitts.


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