Can Miguel Cabrera Overcome Pete Rose To Become The All-Time Hit King?

Cabrera, Miguel hitting.jpgWe all know that Miguel Cabrera, but how great can he truly be?  To start, Miguel is one of the best hitters if not the best of our generation.  Baseball-Reference already has Cabrera as a sure thing Hall of Famer right now and when comparing him statistically place him closest to Frank Robinson, Hank Aaron, and Albert Pujols when they were 32.

So when it came up in a broadcast the other night about Miguel Cabrera and his chances at surpassing Pete Rose’s all-time hit record of 4,256, I thought I’d look in to it.

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I am an amateur blogger but avid Detroit Tigers fan which started out around the age of 7 during the 1984 Tiger season. That year catapulted me to love the game and want to write about it as much as possible. I played some high school ball, rode some pine in college and co-created and wrote Pepper Baseball Blog for eight years. It's time for a fresh start for myself, the blog, and our readers hopefully as I write about the Tigers, Baseball, and my hobby Baseball cards. I hope you enjoy!

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