My MLB Memories: Remembering Ernie Harwell and Hallowed Ground

20150531_124659My greatest MLB memories are all in Tiger Stadium.

Gone are the obstructed view seats. Gone is the roar of the crowd. Gone are the locker rooms legends once walked. Gone is “The Corner.” Or at least the building that once stood proudly at the intersection of Michigan and Trumball. In Detroit.

For all of its problems—crooked mayors, high crime rates, high drug use, soaring poverty, empty lots and even entire blocks, and so on and so forth—Detroit has a lot of things going for it. It’s the home to Stroh’s beer, Sander’s Ice Cream, Faygo, Vernor’s, coneys (REAL ones! Like those at Lafayette Coney Island. Their arch-nemesis next door ain’t bad either), pizza delivery (Domino’s ring a bell?), awesome pizza in general (try the original Buddy’s when you’re in town), the Motown sound, the real heart of Rock and Roll (I think Detroit got screwed on that one), and great sports teams and fans.

Thankfully Detroit’s done one thing right: Preserved history…kind of. Tiger Stadium, the stadium I grew up with, was torn down in 2009. Admittedly, it had been neglected, not unlike the city itself. In spite of the city’s bankruptcy, in spite of the murders, in spite of the lost population, in spite of the lost jobs, they are still a rightfully proud city. And they kept key parts of the field. Intact still is the very field on which most of the greatest baseball players of all time have played.

Detroit currently doesn’t have much to believe in. It’s all but dead. But what they have done is work on preserving some of the greatest aspects of the city. The old train station that can be seen from The Corner is scheduled for a face lift, for example. And Tiger Stadium…as I said, they’ve kept key aspects of the field although the stadium itself is now long gone. Currently, the group in charge of the space is adamant about what they want done with the space. Although there have been multiple good offers to keep the field and build such things as shopping space around it in an effort to bring back some business, the group has turned down every offer, regrettably. The lot needs more TLC than the dedicated folks can give it. But I am proud of those who push to keep the field groomed and take real pride in preserving the site to the best of their ability. But it deserves more than what
Ed Comber (VP Of The BBBA/Owner –

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