Please San Diego, Use Ron Burgundy As Part Of The 2016 MLB ALL – Star Game Festivities!!

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stay classy san diegoBy Hugh Hawkins:

I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate the Mid-Summer Classic in 2016 by having Ron Burgundy be front and center at Petco Park.  Hand him a microphone, and let him address the stands by saying “Stay Classy San Diego” .  He couldn’t really say what he said at the lookout point in Anchorman “something about the meaning of Saint Diego”, but it would be awesome if he said ‘drink it up, it always goes down smooth.’

In a world where we have already seen a ton of cross promotion with celebrities and sporting events, this would be ideal.  Will Ferrell (the man who plays Ron Burgundy) already suited up for 10 different teams in 2015 Spring Training, and toted the position of 10 different spots in the lineup, so this is a total no-brainer.


Burgundy is about as 100% sure thing there is for…

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