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MLB DFS Daily Picks For FanDuel – 6/14/16

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Hunter Stokes (Chief Writer/Part Owner) 

One of the biggest blunders made by many gamblers is betting against themselves.  We are going to simplify the process, so if you win, you can really win – none of this barely break even nonsense.

Our new Draft Strategy is now here.  Please read after the post.

Now here is what we are going to do for today’s MLB DFS FanDuel style.

We Will Give You – Daily

5 team stacking options ( We are going to draw most of our players from these 5 squads).

3 Pitching candidates (High level, midlevel and budget).

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June 2016 MLB Power Rankings

MLB Reports


Hunter Stokes (Chief Writer/Part Owner) 

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Texas has surged to the best record in the AL, and also have the best record in the MLB since May 8, 2016.

There are 5 clubs that have registered 20 victories since May 8. 2016, and they are:  Texas, San Francisco, Washington, Cleveland – plus the New York Yankees  all have done the feat.

While the Cubs are still playing great baseball in the Windy City, the White Sox have flamed out, going 9 – 22 over their last 31 contests.  That is still only 4.5 GB the Cleveland Indians. so all is not lost for a recovery.  They have plummeted down 14 spots in the rankings.

Cleveland had the biggest pole vault up the list, heading all the way up to 5th – despite losing Michael Brantley to the DL again.

The Yankees have posted…

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Pittsburgh Pirates Could See Great Return for David Freese

Even though the Pittsburgh Pirates just went through one of their most brutal stretches in recent memory, it is still too early to determine if they will be buyers or sellers at the 2016 MLB Trade Deadline.

With the two Wild-Card system, more teams remain competitive longer into the summer. This results in more trades, but also can result in teams who are likely out of it to hold onto their chips longer.

In the case of the 2016 Pirates, their best trade chip could be dealt in either scenario could be the steal of the trade season, should they decide to deal him.

A Bargain Like No Other

When the Pittsburgh Pirates signed David Freese to a 1-year/$3 million deal, many regarded it as a bargain. Our own Ethan Obstarczyk had this to say as he advocated the signing:

In the off chance that he remains unsigned once spring training gets underway, the Pirates should definitely consider offering him a relatively cheap one-year contract. His numbers as of late may not be up there with what he did in his heyday, but he would improve the team that Clint Hurdle puts on the field each day this summer.

-Ethan Obstarczyk

If we accept the common valuation of 1 WAR costs about $7 million, the signing has already paid for itself, as the 2011 World Series MVP has already put up a 1.5 WAR as per Baseball Reference. His slashline of .294/.374/.439 leaps off of the page after several down years. He has added a new position after transitioning over to first base with relative ease.


Minor League history: Empire State League

In 1913 there were two Empire State Leagues. One in the state of New York and one in the southern part of Georgia. It is commonly known that New York is known as the Empire State, but Georgia was also promoted as the Empire State of the South by business promoters. 

Cities represented:

Americus, GA: Americus Muckalees 1913
Brunswick, GA: Brunswick Pilots 1913
Cordele, GA: Cordele Babies 1913
Thomasville, GA: Thomasville Hornets 1913
Valdosta, GA: Valdosta Millionaires 1913
Waycross, GA: Waycross Blowhards 1913

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The Three Ways Clayton Kershaw Is Dominating Hitters

If you believe in reports from the start of the 2016 season, the strike-zone for the MLB could be shrinking next season. It seems every so often, particularly since the start of the decade, efforts are made to increase offense. The powers that be have messed with the strike zones and floated the idea of the DH coming to the National League (no, just no). What can be overshadowed by these somewhat pedantic debates is that baseball, and in particular the aforementioned NL, currently is experiencing a Golden Age of pitchers. Amongst all the eye-popping statistics and spectacular performances so far, one name seems to be at the fore-front of almost every Cy Young debate: Clayton Edward Kershaw.

Clayton Kershaw is almost unbelievably trailing Jake Arrieta of the Cubs in Bill James’ Cy Young Predictor, but the narrow margin is probably due to a slight boost for Arrieta due the Northsiders outperforming the Dodgers. The raw statistics tell a tale that decidedly edges in the Los Angeles southpaw’s favor. He tops the NL in ERA, WHIP, and pitcher WAR. His WHIP of 0.64 would be the best ever, edging out all the famous pitcher seasons (1999 Pedro, 1968 Bob Gibson, any of Greg Maddux‘s four straight Cy Young seasons). But one of the more ludicrous figures is his 20.33 K/BB rate, which even if he falls off his current pace, would more than likely shatter Phil Hughes’ single season record for K/BB rate of 11.63 in 2014. As far as durability, he also leads the league in innings pitched with 100 and 2/3 over 13 starts, good for just over 7 and 2/3 innings per start.

To look beyond the surface stats we must start with a rather obvious statement: Kershaw is a strikeout pitcher.

To continue reading, visit our article about Clayton Kershaw’s Incredible hot start. You can also visit our full site.  We call it a mostly baseball blog, or you can follow us on Twitter @OTB_Baseball.

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