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Nine Innings/Questions on the Cardinals

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This is a continuation of our series of articles where I ask fellow bloggers from the Baseball Bloggers Alliance (BBA) 9 innings worth of questions about their team. The goal is to do this for as many teams as possible (all 30 would be ideal) a few times a season. This one is a pre-All Star edition, then a post-All Star edition, another down the stretch (towards the end of the season) and then either a playoffs edition or off season edition or both!


So, without further ado …


  1. How are the (your team name here)’s offseason acquisitions working out so far? Any concerns?

The Cardinals didn’t make a huge splash in the offseason, as you well know.  Most of their activity then was watching players such as John Lackey and Jason Heyward leave while falling short of retaining Heyward or bringing in David Price.  The most significant acquisition was Mike Leake, who signed a five-year, $80 million deal with the club.

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MLB Draft 2016: Check Out Some of the Most Awesome Reactions From Round 1

While most MLB teams are focused on 2016, front offices around the league began diverting their attention toward the future for the next few days on Thursday night with the start of the 2016 MLB draft. Countless people dream of getting drafted by a professional baseball team, but only a very small percentage experience what it actually feels like.

It’s easy to see why some people think watching a draft is really boring, though. Cameras are set up in each team’s draft war room, but they all look the same — it’s just a bunch of people sitting at desks. When picks are in, the commissioner heads to a podium, announces a player’s name and then proclaims which team is on the clock next. And as we wait for the next announcement, there are a bunch of analysts there to fill in that dead time.

But it’s so much more than that.

I enjoy watching drafts because we get to see reactions from the players, along with their families and friends. All those long hours of studying, getting stronger in the weight room and better on the field culminate with something as simple as hearing their name called, allowing them to realize a dream.

Throughout Thursday night’s first round, there were a bunch of awesome reactions to watch, whether it was from the player himself or the people he was surrounded by for such a momentous occasion. Here are some of the best ones I could find.


Draft Day, 1871: OOTP 17 Takes Us Back To What Never Was, But Should Have Been

Introduction: The OTBB guys wanted me to write something about Out Of The Park baseball, a computer baseball simulation game that you can find here. If its rating were a Statcast Stat, OOTP would be whatever the highest Statcast stat there is. So the game is *********^1 awesome and I recommend it to anyone who wants to feel like they should be a GM or just wants to make their own baseball worlds. 

Second Note: Realizing how much I could talk about this game, I decided to split this post up into parts. As a Draft Day Special, here is my experience on my own draft day for my historical baseball simulation on January 1st, 1871.


Old-timey piano music plays, but not any old-timey music, way old timey-music plays. Like ‘it might be on the sheet music monks used’ type of old-timey music.

It is a cold day on January 1, 1871. Or possibly it’s night. The game doesn’t give you a time.

And it is an historic generic hour as the general managers of the newfound Major League Baseball are hosting the inaugural MLB draft in…well, somewhere in America I guess. It doesn’t say where. And luckily and amazingly, I am there. Me: the 21-year-old, Lebanon-born general manager of the Boston Red Stockings (Go Stocks), even though Major League Baseball, Lebanon, and I were all formed in the twentieth century.

I get an e-mail. Yes folks, that’s right, I receive an e-mail in 1871. It says, “The Draft is About to Begin.”


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