#FireJimBowden Takes a Serious Turn

Our blog, Off the Bench, has recently been re-branded. Each of the major players in the blog has branched  out into our own respective Twitter lives.  As I filtered through who I wanted to follow, I found that I could once again follow ESPN’s Jim Bowden.  See, somewhere along the line I had been blocked for repeatedly calling for his firing, and repeatedly blasting his inept analysis. I also made fun of him for prematurely giving out offseason grades. Oh and I tweeted about it a lot.

So obviously there is a history here. I’m not sure I have ever engaged Jim directly before yesterday, opting instead for the more passive subtweets and general mockery of his diction. I’m not sure if it was the fact that I actually saw a Tweet from Bowden for the first time since at least July, 2015, or if it was because this latest piece had Mickey Moniak as the third best player available in the upcoming draft, but I decided to remind Jim of his draft success as a real-life GM.


To continue reading about the interaction, please read on about Why Sean thinks Jim Bowden should be fired.  You can also visit the full baseball blog or just follow Sean (@OTBB_Sean) or the blog (@OTB_Baseball) on the Twitter.

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