Betting Big: Three Teams Poised to Make Waves Down the Stretch

Outside of the  Chicago Cubs, it’s not really clear who the best teams in baseball are this season, let alone what the early playoff picture might look like. In fact, except in the NL Central, no second-place team is more than four games out of first place.

A peek at the latest World Series and Pennant Futures Odds certainly highlights this chaos and there’s many a team within striking distance of winning at all, according to the Vegas masterminds.

As in betting, fantasy sports, and grocery shopping, life is so often about finding hidden value, whether it be drafting sleepers or finding 2- for-1 pizza coupons. Now, the odds posted are certainly not to be taken as gospel, however to me they can be useful when researching which teams may be the darkhorses to look out for down the stretch.

I’m not going to lazily talk to you about the great chances of teams like  Cubs (I could go on for pages though) and Giants (it is an even year), or the Rangers, Red Sox and Nationals, who round out the top five lowest odds. This post is all about finding those diamonds in the rough, so even if you’re not a gambling man or woman (Hello ladies) these might be the teams for you to keep an eye on.

  1. Cleveland Indians (32-25,1st Place AL Central)

Pros: Anytime I can sing loudly and off-key, Francisco Lindor vs. Tropicana Field

Cons: Outfielders’ questionable training regiments, God hates Cleveland

VEGAS BABY! 14 to 1 World Series, 6 to 1 Pennant

To continue reading about the interaction, please read on about the three teams that Vegas undervalues.  You can also visit the full baseball blog or just follow Jesse (@Hartmonster3) or the blog (@OTB_Baseball) on the Twitter.


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