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Boston Red Sox Draft Hits and Misses: A History

The 2016 Major League Baseball Draft is mere hours away. The Boston Red Sox have the twelfth overall selection in the first round; the third time in four years they have picked inside the top 15. Rumors are rampant as to who the team will choose. In 50 years of drafting, the team has run the gamut with the success of their first round picks. Here are some of their biggest hits and misses (keeping in mind that they currently have one of the best farm systems in baseball with a number of former first rounders either just making their mark (Jackie Bradley Jr.) with the club or on the verge of doing so (Andrew Benintendi).


Crosley Field commemorated

As a classic ballpark lover, this news is much to my liking.

Crosley Field, former home of the Cincinnati Reds before they moved into Riverfront Stadium, will be commemorated with a mural at the former ballpark site. Currently the City Gospel Mission is located there.

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Sell High – SP Edition

Today we will take a look at some starting pitchers posting strong numbers who might be expected to see some regression in the coming weeks. Since a few bad starts can quickly inflate a pitcher’s ERA and call attention to his true value, it might be a good time to explore trade options with the following pitchers:


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