Anibal Sanchez and the Mediocrity of the Detroit Tigers

The Detroit Tigers currently sit at 25-27, are in 4th place in the tough AL Central, and have a payroll pushing $200 Million.  They fired their GM a year ago and he went on to land a gig with the Red Sox, where the potential for offensive firepower from a year ago has turned into the real deal in 2016 and perhaps the greatest offense in the last century.

The Tigers owe Prince Fielder another $30 Million to be bad on the Rangers; he’s compiled a -1.5 WAR over the past calendar year, which is literally the worst in the majors.  Their newest big bat from this poast offseason is scooting along with a .578 OPS.  Plus, they just demoted one of their $16+ Million right handed starters to the bullpen.  Things could be looking really bleak in Detroit for a long time, but they could be worse.  I’ll get to that.

But first, a bit about Anibal Sanchez.  He’s that starter that just got demoted to the bullpen, and things aren’t looking bright for him. He’s going to get paid over $16,000,000 this year regardless of performance, but check this out:

To continue reading about how Why Anibal Sanchez is in the bullpen and how the Detroit Tigers may be heading nowhere, check out the full article.  You can also see our mostly baseball blog.  Or follow us on Twitter @OTB_Baseball.  Sean’s the author of this one.  You can reach him at @OTBB_Sean.

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