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Houston Astros Reliever, Will Harris, Could Draw Interest From Teams Near The Trade Deadline

Will Harris has been lights out since joining the Houston Astros in 2015. Over the past two seasons, he has compiled some of the best statistics of any reliever in Major League Baseball.


In 2015, he appeared in 68 games, with a 5-5 record, 1.90 ERA, 42 hits against, 68 strikeouts, 22 walks, and 13 holds in 71 innings pitched. So far in 2016, he has appeared in 23 games, with an 0-1 record, 0.38 ERA, 14 hits against, 26 strikeouts, four walks, and 13 holds in 23.2 innings pitched.


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More Fantasy Baseball Trade Targets

The internet has thrown us a few more buy low/sell high articles today, and I can’t think of a good reason to wait an extra day to share them with you just because I posted earlier today:


How Does Another Slump in May Impact Matt Kemp’s Potential Trade Value?

When it comes to hot streaks, slumps and everything in between on a baseball diamond, there’s not always a good explanation for what we see unfold. Add Matt Kemp struggling mightily in the month of May to that list.

Since getting traded from the Los Angeles Dodgers to the San Diego Padres two winters ago, the season’s second month has not been kind to the outfielder. What’s even more interesting is Kemp has begun each season hot at the plate, but in very different ways.


Foul Ball Week in Review (May 23-29): Players & Umps & the Foul Ball Funnel Cake

We are now well into the 2016 MLB season. It’s been an interesting one for sure when it comes to foul balls. Not only did a fan get smoked with a foul THROUGH the netting within the first week of the season, but fans are still getting seriously hurt. The reason is one we need to explore further, but before we do here are some of the foul ball highlights for the time being from the week of May 23-29:


After 57 days of games, the official Twitter reported total for MLB games of fans hit in the face area by a foul ball was at 56. This is ONLY those #FoulBallFacials self-reported on Twitter. If I were to search Instagram and other social media sites, I’m guessing that total may be double.

My unofficial records for the last two seasons show the number of facials has not changed at all since the netting went up. In 2015 by this time there were 53 and in the 2014 season there were 55. So what’s the point of netting if it’s really not doing anything? The angles haven’t been cut down to save those most in danger (family seating areas and tempered “hockey” glass would help more and be less expensive).


Now this was cool! The angle on this foul was virtually unheard of in my experience working on FoulBallz.com. There are plenty of live drive fouls, and a number find their way into the concourse, bounce and his fans, but to deep fry the ball is a new one.

Check out the story about George Springer hitting the funnel cake foul ball.


Ed Comber (VP Of The BBBA/Owner – foulballz.com)

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The Night Johan Santana Threw the First No-Hitter in Mets History

The Night Johan Santana Threw the First No-Hitter in Mets History

The game is on, windows are open, and the fresh cool air was blowing off of Lake Ostego and into our small little room. Howie Rose’s voice filled the air and nervousness finally set in. The eighth inning had just begun and I was trying not to get too excited. You can’t help but wonder how you will react, how you plan on celebrating, how this could be one of the best nights of your life as a Mets fan. Three outs are made and the Mets are up to bat.

I turned on my Twitter app and started to read all of my fellow Mets fans’ tweets. The excitement was more than building, it was exploding! I love the fan loyalty, there really is no better fan base than ours. Point blank, no question, I dare you to challenge me. The feed wouldn’t stop refreshing but it didn’t matter – it was all Johan.

Howie comes back on the air and you never wanted a Mets inning to end so quickly. I was literally just hoping for three outs – I wanted the top of the ninth to start as soon as possible. The only thing I really remember at this moment was the cheering for Johan as he walked up to bat. They were even louder after he finally struck out and went back to the dugout. Andres Torres quickly made the third out and our dreams were to come true three outs later.

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The Time to Buy on Buxton is Now

Byron Buxton

Byron Buxton is back in the majors after really disappointing in his first stint earlier this year. Chances are, after hitting .163/.212/.306 in the majors earlier this year, his owner in your league might be willing to part with him at a reduced cost relative to his status as a top-3 prospect.

Yesterday in a chat at Fangraphs, August Fagerstrom had this to say about Buxton:

august fagerstrom: Reports out of Minnesota seem to indicate that Buxton actually looked different in AAA. Sometimes guys are a little more willing to try something different when the games “don’t matter.” Maybe he found something.


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