Yankees, Cubs Logical Trade Partners This Summer

Apparently, the Chicago Cubs like New York Yankee pitchers. Last winter, the Yanks sent Adam Warren to Chicago in a package for second basemen Starlin Castro and now, reportedly, the Cubbies are interested in Nate Eovaldi.

As the guys over at Pinstripe Alley wrote today, it doesn’t make a ton of sense for the Yankees to trade Eovaldi as he’s young, under team control for a while, and quite possibly the best long term starting pitching option in the organization, especially now that Luis Severino has lost much of his 2015 shine.

However, the Yankees have a number of other pitchers the Cubs might want to go after, and Chicago matches up really well with New York in terms of the young position player talent that New York needs. The Cubs have a few of the best prospects in baseball and if they were willing to part with a few of them, Eovaldi, Aroldis Chapman, and even Andrew Miller, could all be on the table.

The way I see it the Cubs should be looking to bolster their pitching staff now.

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