Michael Brantley’s May & Cumulative 2016 #s + DL Updates


photo courtesy of Chuck Crow via The Plain Dealer

Michael Brantley’s May 2016 #s

May did not turn out how anybody had hoped for Michael. while i think we were all aware that he wouldn’t be able to play a “full” month, no one was prepared for the shoulder inflammation setback he suffered, which landed him on the 15-Day DL and kept him there past his potential activation date (May 25). it’s currently unknown when he’ll be back playing with the Indians again, and it’s anyone’s guess as to whether he can sustain the remainder of the season without another stint on the disabled list once he does return.

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Michael Brantley’s 2016 #s Through May

this blog contains Michael’s 2016 season numbers through the month of May. it follows the same format as my monthly blogs, except the sections have been rearranged and some have been omitted. also, due to Michael’s lack of play through May, this blog has less information in it than usual.

so far in 2016, Michael has a total of 43 plate appearances and 39 at bats in 11 games (89.1 innings).

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