Foul Ball in Review (May 8-14): “Hero” Parents, Misplays, and a Booed Foul Ball

We are now well into the 2016 MLB season. It’s been an interesting one for sure when it comes to foul balls. Not only did a fan get smoked with a foul ball going THROUGH the netting within the FoulBallSignfirst week of the season, but fans are still getting seriously hurt, perhaps because they aren’t paying attention. It may be the extended netting is giving many fans a false sense of security.

Here are the other highlights from the week of May 8-14:


After 43 days of games, the official Twitter reported total for MLB games of fans hit in the face area by a foul ball was at 43. This is ONLY those #FoulBallFacials self-reported on Twitter. If I were to search Instagram and other social media sites, I’m guessing that total may be double.

My unofficial records for the last two seasons show the number of facials has not changed at all since the netting went up. In 2015 by this time there were 42 and in the 2014 season there were 39. So what’s the point of netting if it’s really not doing anything?

Red Sox Netting Behind Home Plate Faulty?

There were a number of Twitter reports stating the netting behind home plate in Fenway was leaking foul balls. According to three FOULers, fouls were dropping through the upper netting and falling on fans.


Again, we see a problem with the netting this season. Balls dropping from 50-100 feet can still do some decent damage if the ball hits a person just the wrong way.

The netting issue has only succeeded to opening teams and Manfred to more lawsuits because of faulty equipment. I still advocate for the tempered “hockey” glass I recommended to Manfred last season.

See the One about the Twins’ Ball Boy?:

This young man made an incredible snag that potentially saved a young fan from serious injury.

Check it out.


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