6 MLB Teams Who Could Take Advantage of Stephen Strasburg’s Extension This Winter

Just a couple weeks ago, Washington Nationals starting pitcher Stephen Strasburg was watching a perfect free-agent storm happen right before his eyes. Not only was he dominating on the mound, but he also would easily be the best available hurler on the open market this winter.

Instead of trying to maximize his earning potential, the Scott Boras client opted for comfort and familiar surroundings. Doing this was obviously much easier since he was signing a seven-year, $175 million deal with two opt-outs, as well.

It’s not every day we see a player with Strasburg’s potential (and a Boras client) take a deal that’s probably below market value. For teams in need of top-tier starting pitchers, it left them with not-so-inspiring options when looking ahead at the remaining hurlers projected to be free agents in a few months.

There are certain MLB teams with depth on the mound that could take advantage of this situation by putting one or more of their young pitchers on the trading block. Here are six organizations with the ability to do so:


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