Tomorrow is a New Day

Max-ScherzerBy: Mike Carter

The other night, as I was putting my kids to bed my phone buzzed, which is unusual at that time of night, unless it’s my family texting the usual back and forth. After about 8 PM, I lose the ability to speak and to think coherently. So I basically shut myself off except for the “brush your teeth” and “feed your fish” commands to my children. I walk myself through my evenings, bone-tired and half-dead to the world around me, in the middle of a country that will choose between a narcissistic, reality TV star/liar and a narcissistic, career politician/liar for our highest office.

This buzz was different. It was my MLB app telling me that the Washington Nationals’ ace Max Scherzer was going for the single-game strikeout record in the ninth inning against the Tigers. He had a legitimate shot at breaking it. Scherzer had ground 19 batters into the ground with his effortless motion and potent mix of pitches.

Read the rest of the article: Tomorrow is a New Day via 9 Inning Know It All


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