When is enough, enough Minnesota?

The Twins lost another game today by a score of 9-2 at Target Field to the Baltimore Orioles. That makes 7 losses in a row and 10 out of their last 11. Let’s look at some facts:

  • They have won twice in 17 games on the road.
  • They are 6-10 at their home park
  • In April they were 7-17
  • So far in May they are 1-8
  • They have been outscored 174-111 after 33 games
  • They are 2-13 against other Central Division teams
  • Starting pitchers are 3-15
  • The closer is 2-4 with 2 saves and a 5.40 ERA
  • Six relievers have appeared in 14 or more games
  • The pitching staff has the highest ERA in the league
  • Opponents are hitting .274 against Twins pitching
  • The Twins are hitting .236
  • Twins have made more errors than everyone except for Oakland

I could go on and on but what is the point, this team is playing horrendous baseball right now and they can’t catch any breaks either, that’s life. Believe me when I say that this team is not as bad as it is playing right now just like it was not as good as it played in 2015.

Do they miss Torii Hunter in the clubhouse? Sure they do but even Hunter couldn’t help this team play to the level that most people expected. So what is the problem? In 1982 the Twins lost 102 games and after 33 games they were 11-22, the Twins record this year after 33 games is 8-25.

owner Jim Pohlad

owner Jim Pohlad


I don’t care what Jim Pohlad has said publicly, GM Terry Ryan and manager Paul Molitor have to be on the hot seat right now. Hitting coach Tom Brunansky and pitching coach Neil Allen should not be buying any green banana’s either. My prediction for what is it worth is this. The Twins have a day off on Thursday and then play three games in Cleveland and three more in Detroit after that. If the Twins don’t play .500 on the road this week, Paul Molitor will not return to Minnesota with the team as the Twins manager.


You can find the rest of the story at Twinstrivia.com .



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