The Official 2016 OTBB MLB TV Rankings: Part 2, 14-1

Below are all 30 teams ranked from least fun to watch to can’t turn off. Enjoy and feel free to tell us what you think in the comments below.

You can find part one of our rankings, with teams 30-15, here.

  1. Arizona Diamondbacks

The Dbacks made the top half of the rankings but not exactly for positive reasons. Sure, Paul Goldschmidt is one of the best hitters in the sport and rarely disappoints and you might see someZack Greinke greatness from time to time, but this team has a legitimate chance of becoming a real dumpster fire. For the second straight season, Arizona thinks they can compete for the NL West crown and for the second straight season it looks very unlikely. Sure, their rotation in much improved (assuming their good pitchers pitch like good pitchers) but they’re still trotting out 7 guys and Goldschmidt every night. The injury to AJ Pollock was a big blog but he wasn’t going to be the sole difference maker, this is a team that insists on batting Jean Segura leadoff despite a career sub .300 OBP just because he seems like a leadoff hitter. In an era of advanced stats and analytics where every team seems to think similarly and no team really gets ripped off in a trade, the Dbacks still managed to get fleeced by the Braves last winter.

The real thing to note, however, is Arizona’s uniforms. The Diamondback’s uniforms are so horrendous that it is shocking to me that this isn’t some sort of  scandal. Remember when the Marlins’ players hated their black jerseys so much they revolted and never wore them? How have the Diamondbacks not done this? Though I guess you can’t only wear your throwbacks every single night.

I’ve been tuning in to Arizona games just to see what they’re wearing and how awful it looks, and it never disappoints. I think these jerseys could be the one year catastrophe we look back on and laugh at in a few years.

  1. Detroit Tigers

The Tigers have some stars that definitely get you to tune in. There’s Justin Verlander, Victor Martinez, Miguel Cabrera, Jordan Zimmerman,  and Justin Upton just to name a few. Problem is, the Tigers finished in last place last season and are poised to do so again in a very tough division if their aging core can’t stay healthy. This might be a team to watch in April and May when everyone is feeling good but not something you want to tune in to in August when they’re on their 3rd string first basemen and both Cabrera and Martinez are out of the lineup.

Plus, with the Tigers you know you’re always right on the edge of a major bullpen meltdown and those can be fun.

12. Los Angeles Angels

Before I get into the Angels I have to say, at this point forward we’re really splitting hairs. The remaining 12 teams are all good TV.


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