The Official 2016 OTBB MLB TV Rankings: Part 1, 30-15

The 2016 season is upon us! So far it has been fantastic, we’ve had late game heroics, incredible catches, unprecedented home run streaks, baseball in the snow, and the Braves still haven’t won a game. What more could you want?

If anything, 2016 has been a little bit overwhelming. With so many exciting teams and players it’s hard to know where to focus your attention. Do you watch Jose Fernandez after missing him last season or the Blue Jays’ murderers row? Do you flip over to Mike Trout vs Sonny Gray or Bryce Harper‘s near inevitable extra base hit when facing Tom Koehler? How can you possibly be expected to make these decisions?

Never fear! OTBB is here to help. Following our uber-successful annual series, here are the 2016 MLB TV rankings, the comprehensive way to determine which teams are the most fun to watch and which aren’t even worth the 2 minute Daily Recap on the MLB app the next morning.

There are a few things that make a team worth watching and talent is chief among them. If a team is really good or filled with really good players, it’s obviously going to be more fun to tune in to their games than a cellar dweller with few, if any, stars. That said, one transcendent player can make all the difference. The Angels aren’t very good but every single Mike Trout at bat is must see TV.

Other factors come into play as well. Great announcers, uniforms, or other interesting oddities are a plus. Hawk Harrelson is a minus. All things are factored in when making the definitive MLB TV rankings.

Below are the bottom half of the 30 teams ranked from least fun to watch to can’t turn off. Enjoy and feel free to tell us what you think in the comments below.


30.Philadelphia Phillies

This is a bad team without a real star. Jeremy Hellickson is the Ace and he’s good but you won’t go out of your way to see him, not anymore anyway. You certainly won’t turn the Phils on special to seeRyan Howard and Carlos Ruiz. Only true phans will be watching this team.

The one caveat may be the new and improved Charlie Morton. It looks like he could be in for a big year after his most recent start, which saw his stuff reach nearly unprecedented heights.


29. Milwaukee Brewers


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