The Week That Was In Audio/Video Casting In The BBBA

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The 3nd week is well underway, and we had some great shows to listen to over the last week  – courtesy of the  following BBBA shows.

Sully Baseballtalked about the passing of Prince, the horrible uniforms of the D’backs, and the lunacy of specialty MLB Hats On certain Days.  Sully also interviews Stacey Gotsulias about the Yankees and around the league.  He pulled no punches in addressing the Curt Schilling fiasco.  And how sure hall of famers to be 5 years ago are not now.

Hall Of Very Good Interviewed Bobblehead Hall Of Fame founder Phil Sklar

“BBA Live” Broke down the weeks worth of action.

Jays From the Couch The guys wondered about the 1st base tandem, and also the lineup configuration with Michael Saunders.

Pirates Breakdown PBC talked about the recent acquisition of Justin Masterson, and what they need to do keep up in the…

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