Potential #1 Overall MLB Draft Pick, Jason Groom, Ruled Ineligble

Groome has been named the #1 overall draft prospect by many news sources and for good reason. He stands 6’5, weighing 220 pounds, and throws absolute heat from the left side. He has been clocked at 97 MPH and has a curveball that look absolutely devastating. He also mixes in a very advanced change up for his age. He has a great feel for both sides of the plate and locates his elite pitches better than anyone his age. He has a chance to harness three plus pitches and be a front of the rotation starter once his body matures. Once his body matures more, he should only get better. Unfortunately, this debacle of a situation leaves people wondering if Groome’s draft stock is affected by his ineligibility. It is a tough situation for Groome, but considering all teams know what Groome is capable of, it shouldn’t hurt his draft stock too much. It is still too early to determine if he will be the first overall pick, but as of right now, all signs point to Groome as the top choice.




About Dynasty_Digest

Trey Rose will be a graduate of the Virginia Military Institute in May of 2016. He is the founder and writer for his blog called dynasty digest (dynastydigest.sportsblog.com). He is also a contributor for RotoBallers. He has been featured on many sites including MLB Trade Rumors, Crawford Boxes, and MLB Reports. Trey played baseball up until his freshman year of college at VMI, but they quit after his 7th knee surgery and decided to pursue a career in finance while continuing his passion for baseball by writing on a regular basis. His favorite team is the Houston Astros. You can follow him on Twitter @dynasty_digest

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