DFS Picks For FanDuel – 4/15/16


Josh Robbins (Featured Fantasy  BBBA Writer/60ft6in.com) 

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Hi, my name is Josh Robbins.  I would like to share my Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) strategy with you throughout the MLB season during weekdays.  Fanduel is my preferred game of skill.

Welcome to the 2nd week of the 2016 MLB season.

3-Strikes: Here’s what you expect from my daily articles:

My Top 3 Starting Pitchers (aces, mid-level, bargain)

My Top 3 Stacking Options (multiple players from the same team)

My Top 3 BVP (Batter vs. Pitcher) Options

I saw the majority of <a rel=Stephen Strasburg‘s 2nd half starts, and the most of Max Scherzer‘s 1st half starts during 2015. These guys can mow down batters with the best of them. In order to have their legacies fulfilled, they need to capitalize on their 1 year together here. Strasburg in particular, has to stay healthy for the entire season. A nice trend is his best years ths far have been in 2012 and 2014. Like the Giants, he reserves his best stuff for even campaigns.” width=”562″ height=”483″ />

APRIL 13, 2016

Starting Pitchers 

1. Stephen Strasburg ($11200) vs. Atlanta Braves

2. John Lackey ($8500) vs. Cincinnati Reds

3. Colin Rea ($5000) vs. Philadelphia Phillies

Player Stacks/Team Offense

1.   San Francisco Giants vs. Jordan Lyles

2.   Colorado Rockies vs. Jake Peavy

3.   Baltimore Orioles vs. Joe Kelly

BVP (Minimum 10 AB)

1. Gregor Blanco vs. Jordan Lyles (5-10/ 1 HR/ 1.445 OPS)

2. Nolan Arenado vs. Jake Peavy (5-11/ 1 HR/ 1.364 OPS)

3. Howie Kendrick vs. Rubby De La Rosa (10-18/ 1 HR/ 1.333 OPS)

Sample Lineups

fd 4132016

If you’re not familiar with the points breakdown, here’s the format utilizing a $35 million salary cap.  

Scoring System: https://www.fanduel.com/spring-training?t=lobby

1 Starting Pitcher (SP)

1 Catcher (C)

1 First Baseman (1B)

1 Second Baseman (2B)

1 Third Baseman (3B)

1 Short Stop (SS)

3 Outfielders (OF)

Game Types: https://www.fanduel.com/how-it-works






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a gambling ring

*** The views and opinions expressed in this report are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of bbba.work and their other members***

A big thanks goes out to our Featured Fantasy writer Josh Robbins for preparing today’s post.

***Josh Robbins is a Video-Journalist and Baseball Historian who is originally from Poughkeepsie, NY (so grew up a Yankees/Don Mattingly fan)..  In 2010, he earned a Master’s Degree in Sport Management from CSU-Long Beach. 

From June 16 to July 11, 2008, he watched a game in all 30 MLB stadiums in a world record 26 days by car.  Please email Josh at robbinsjosh@hotmail.com or visit 60ft6in.com for more information about the Factor12 Rating.***

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