4 Things We Learned from Day 2 of Baseball: Blue Jays, Pirates, Marlins, and Tigers

  1. Aaron Sanchez looks good. Sanchez’s fastball was sitting at 96 mph with some serious late life in the first inning tonight. That’s important because last season, 76% of his pitches were fastballs, which was actually down from the 93% clip that he used his fastball as a reliever. Early in his start, he was getting swings and misses against the fastball. Corey Dickerson, a really good hitter, looked over matched swinging through two 97 mph fastballs before watching one at 96 go right by for a three pitch strikeout. If Sanchez can be a consistent and effective starter for Toronto and throw about 160 good innings, that will be huge as the Blue Jays are lacking in talent in their rotation behind Marcus Stroman.
  2. Gregory Polanco is going to have a….


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