Pittsburgh Pirates: The tale of the outfield extension

In signing Gregory Polanco to an extension, the Pittsburgh Pirates hope lightning can strike not once, not twice, but three times.


The Pittsburgh Pirates have gained a reputation in identifying and exploiting market inefficiencies.

This is shown by the many strategies that have been taken by the ball club to compete as a small market club in the increasingly hard to comprehend MLB. Whether this is done by buying low on pitchers or taking low impact high velocity relievers to create a hammer of a back end of the bullpen. The team has simply done more with less in the last five years than any team in MLB.

The major action that Pittsburgh Pirates have taken to is locking up players before they hit arbitration. In doing so, the club has done a great job in creating certainty and ensuring that the value proposition is tipped towards their favor.

Starting with Andrew McCutchen in 2012, the Pirates have locked up four young and up and coming outfielders to contracts that cover some of the last arbitration and first free agency years. The club has gone about locking in a rate that benefits the Pirates in the market and provides the player with some guaranteed money in an ever-changing financial landscape.



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