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Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – March 25, 2016

MLB Reports

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We all saw that video of Randy Johnson exploding the bird.

Is it strange, unforgettable and darkly funny?


It may also hold the key to explaining the universe.

That and telling Mike Schmidt and Rich Gossage to shut up on this episode of The Sully Baseball Daily Podcast

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Michael Brantley Ranked 4th in Baseball Tonight’s Top 10 Left Fielders


now that Baseball Tonight’s Top 100 list is complete, it’s time for them to name their annual Top 10 players at each position going into the 2016 season. once again, the way in which this was revealed differs from last year.

today, on March 25, ESPN’s Baseball Tonight unveiled all of their Top 10s in one day and at the same time online. the panel of MLB writers, analysts, and contributors who ranked the Top 100 also ranked the Top 10s, and some players who didn’t make the Top 100 list did make it onto their respective position lists. my 216clevelandgirl blog, however, is solely going to focus on the Top 10 Left Fielders.

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