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2016 Fantasy Baseball Seasonal/Re-Draft Rankings

The following rankings are for seasonal fantasy baseball leagues. Seasonal leagues are the same as re-draft leagues and don’t take into account keeping any players in future years. I have compiled my rankings based off of the scoring I use for the league I created last year (You can find it in the “links” of my blog called “USFBA”). It is based on head to head scoring with the following categories: OBP, HR, R, RBI, SB, SO, SLUG, Total Bases… Quality Start %, H/9, BB/9, Total K’s, ERA, WHIP, Holds, Saves. The “position” column is based on each players eligible position(s) for the 2016 season. In order to qualify for a specific position, they must have played 10 games at that position in 2015. Click the link below to see the rankings:

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Dodgers Dropping Like Flies


Dodgers are feeling the pain.

If you’re a Dodger fan and you’re squeamish, you might want to avert your eyes. As Opening Day approaches, the injuries are coming in at a freakish clip, which is not something a club wants to see this close to breaking camp. All the depth the front office has been stockpiling might very well get tested earlier than expected.

Candidates for the fifth spot in the rotation are on a downward spiral. 

Training camp barely began when the Dodger pitching staff started taking a hit. First to go down was Brett Anderson with back surgery. So Alex Wood moved up to occupy Anderson’s fourth slot, and then promptly felt tightness in his left forearm. He missed one start and then returned, but it’s hard to tell if he’s really healthy since he revealed he was secretly playing with a sore ankle pretty much from the day he arrived last season in the trade with the Braves. Fishy. Then the Hyun-Jin Ryu setbacks started up, and it’s deja- vu, you know, that feeling when the team keeps on pushing back his return timetable until it finally announces he needs surgery…again. Let’s hope not. The team says it will be at least June before Ryu sees a major league mound, so the fifth slot, just like last season, is a black hole.

In the early-going, it was fun watching guys compete for the #5, now it’s just scary. 


Ground Rule Triple Radio – Podcast #1 – Impact of Healthy Tigers Stars

Two Rights, then a Left: Breaking down the back of the Pirates Rotation

The Pittsburgh Pirates have now declared an open competition between three pitchers for the last two spots in their starting rotation. What direction will the team take?


The Pittsburgh Pirates are two weeks away from Opening Day vs. the St. Louis Cardinals and currently the most intriguing story of Spring Training is the emergence of Juan Nicasio as a starting pitching option.

Nicasio has been dynamic so far this spring, throwing 15 innings, allowing zero runs on ten hits and striking out 24.

Pirates Breakdown has debated whether Nicasio has earned a spot in the rotation and today, general manager Neal Huntington laid bare how the team feels about Nicasio’s progress.

The other two options for the backend of the rotation are, of course, Ryan Vogelsong and Jeff Locke.

As it stands, based purely on Spring Training performance Nicasio and Vogelsong probably have the advantage over Jeff Locke, but come Opening Day will Locke be out of the rotation in favor of Nicasio? Or will Locke once again be penciled in as the club’s fifth starter? We still have two weeks of exhibition games to sort everything out, but lets take a look at how each of these pitchers stack up against each other.

Going purely on one Spring Training can be very risky for a ball club. Just because a player has looked dominant in spring, doesn’t mean they will necessarily translate that success to the regular season.


Tommy John Surgery: ALL – Time List (Updated For 2016 Players)

For all the talk of baseball players (pitchers mostly) that will be undergoing Tommy John Surgery, we will be keeping a running list!  E-mail us at mlbreports@gmail.com if you have any names to add to our totals.

How many players are having or had TJ in history? You are about to find out:


Jairo Diaz, COL – Mar.18

Jarrod Parker, OAK – Mar.17 (TJ Watch List, would be his 3rd surgery)

Andrew McKirahan, ATL – Mar.10

Carter Capps, MIA – Mar.8

2015 Surgeries (30)

Lance Lynn, Cards, Nov.10

Greg Holland, Royals, Oct.2

Aaron Barrett, Nationals, Sept.3

Nathan Adcock, Reds

Jason Vargas, Royals, Aug.1

Jack Leathersich, Mets, July.30

Don Kelly, Marlins, July.1: OF

Sergio Santos, Blue Jays, July.1

Brandon Workman, Red Sox, June.15

Jarrod Parker, A’s – Honorable mention  (3rd TJ Surgery not to occur, but he is out indefinitely after was revealed he had a tear in his elbow  – recovering from 2nd TJ Surgery from Mar, 2014 in Minor League rehabilitation earlier in the month.) Still having an elbow surgery, just not the Tommy John operation. Read the rest of this entry

Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – March 21, 2016

MLB Reports

planescreenTHE VOYAGE HOME!

Today’s podcast starts in my hotel in London, continues in the car to Heathrow, then on the plane over the Atlantic Ocean and finishes at LAX.

It is a globe trotting episode of The Sully Baseball Daily Podcast

Visit the British Baseball Federation by clicking HERE

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