The 2016 Baltimore Orioles May Break The ALL – Time Single Year Team Homer Record

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Hunter Stokes (BBBA Featured Writer) 

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Last season the Baltimore Orioles cranked out 217 jacks to finish 3rd in the Major Leagues behind the Toronto Blue Jays (232 HRs) and Houston (230 HRs).

Since the end of the year they have added Pedro Alvarez and Mark Trumbo.  These guys have several years of clubbing 25+ HRs each.

The squad also has the reigning AL HR champ of Chris Davis at 47, while Manny Machado bashed out 35 big flies to tie for 13th overall last year (Yoenis Cespedes and David Ortiz also smacked 35 longballs).

J.J. Hardy is capable of hitting 20+ HRs in a year despite his production being hampered by injury the last few seasons.

Matt Wieters compiled 20+ HR campaigns in each of the 2011 – 2013 seasons – before battling to recapture his power streak after Tommy John Surgery.

Nolan Reimold may hit 1st or 9th depending on the pitcher, and he has shown a penchant for hitting a ball beyond the fence as well.

Playing in a home park like Camden Yards helps.  Having road games in Yankee Stadium, Fenway Park and the Rogers Centre for an additional 26 – 27 contests also bodes well.

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The record for Bolts in a year belongs to the 1997 Seattle Mariners, who used the Kingdome for their home dates as a launching pad – en route to cranking the ball over the wall 264 times on the backs of Ken Griffey JR., Jay Buhner, Alex Rodriguez and Edgar Martinez.

The Orioles team record stands at 257 – that was put forth in 1996, and a record for just the one season prior to the M’s breaking it the following year.

That club had Brady Anderson, Rafael Palmeiro, Cal Ripken, Bobby Bonilla and Roberto Alomar all dialing long distance on a regular basis.

The National League record stands at 249, and that was the Houston Astros at the turn of the millennium.

Most recently, the 2010 Toronto Blue Jays belted 257 HRs in Jose Bautista‘s break out year of 54 jacks.  The Canadian squad could also challenge the record for 2016 along with the O’s.  I just wish they could have secured 25 HR man Jay Bruce to help the efforts.

Last season, Joey Bats, Josh Donaldson and Edwin Encarnacion obliterated 120 baseballs into the outfield seats.  They could repeat that same mark, while seeing Michael Saunders and Justin Smoak add another 40 jacks.

Troy Tulowitzki is capable of 25 – 30 HRs if he maintains his health on the field.  Devon Travis and Catcher Russell Martin could also hit near the 20 mark.

Granted the club will also feature the Centerfield positional depth of Kevin Pillar or Dalton Pompey, and may start with Ryan Goins at 2B until Travis mends up, but they could hit the 250 HR team plateau before it is all said and done.

The Houston Astros also may contend for most Homers by a club in 2016 again.  They have Carlos Correa for a full season, with George Springer potentially playing a full campaigns as well.  In 2015, this team had 11 guys knock out double-digit taters.

This year, despite losing Chris Carter (and his 90 HRs over the last 3 seasons), they have a healthy Carlos Gomez, and brought back Colby Rasmus, who alongside Springer could belt in the 851 – 100 HRs if everything breaks right.

Baltimore has a ton of upside with their hitting though.  Jonathan Schoop and Manny Machado could take the next step, while Pedro Alvarez and Mark Trumbo could really benefit from playing in friendly parks in the AL East.

Look out if the Orioles also pull off a trade for Jay Bruce (who could be added into the mix of the lineup – and replace a Nolan Reimold in the OF.)

A lot of the guys would just have to maintain their 162 game averages.

Davis could hit 50 HRs again – and it would surprise no one.  Machado as a 40 HR guy is possible, as it Alvarez and Trumbo both cracking out 30 bombs again.

This is why I love the recent Alvarez pick up for Baltimore.  With any pitching at all from the Starting Rotation, this team may just pulverize the rest of the American League with power.


Chris Davis, 1B/RF – 47, 2016 Projections – 44

Manny Machado, 3B – 35,  2016 Projections – 38

Adam Jones, CF – 27, 2016 Projections – 28

Pedro Alvarez, 1B/DH – 27, 2016 Projections – 31

Mark Trumbo, 1B/LF/DH – 22, 2016 Projections – 28

Jonathan Schoop, 2B – 15 HRs (305 AB), 2016 Projections – 26

That’s 195 jacks for the 1st 6 guys on the list if all are healthy.  If Wieters and Hardy can stay on the field, I think it is legit to say they could add another 30 longballs here.

Matt Wieters, C – (8 HRs in 258 AB), Averages 21 per 162 for his career.

J.J. Hardy, SS – 8 HRs – but averages 21 per 162 for his career.

Would you believe that even projected LF starter Nolan Reimold clubs 22 taters for every 162 Games average?  He could add some pop to the lineup.

If everyone in the lineup just produces to their career numbers per 162 game averages, the O's should win the team Homer title in 2016 for the MLB.  If they are able to hit in my projections for each players, they could challenge the all time mark of 264.

If everyone in the lineup just produces to their career numbers per 162 game averages, the O’s should win the team Homer title in 2016 for the MLB. If they are able to hit in my projections for each players, they could challenge the all time mark of 264.  Whatever number they end up hitting it will be fun to watch them play all year. 

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A big thanks goes out to our featured writer Hunter Stokes for preparing today’s post.

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