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Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – March 8, 2016

MLB Reports


An asteroid came close to hitting the Earth and changing the course of humanity’s place in the universe.

This naturally got me thinking about the Cubs and the Indians.

It is a cosmic episode of The Sully Baseball Daily Podcast.

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The American League Exploits Another Pitcher As Jordan Zimmermann’s Fantasy Stock Drops


After signing a 5-year/$110 million contract with the Detroit Tigers, Jordan Zimmerman will play a pivotal role in the Tigers’ rotation, but this move to Detroit could drastically hurt Zimmermann’s fantasy stock. As you analyze and digest a pitcher switching from the National League to the American League, it doesn’t bode well for Zimmermann. In 2015, the National League ERA was 3.908, whereas the American League ERA was 4.006. This is because the American League pitchers have to face a designated hitter, whereas the National League pitchers face the opposing pitcher instead. To further illustrate the extreme difference between the two leagues, click on the link below:



NY Mets Who Hit 3 Home Runs in a Single Game

NY Mets Who Hit 3 Home Runs in a Single Game

The crack of the bat, the distance obtained, and the roar of the crowd are all part of one of the most exciting parts baseball – the home run. For every player, it’s a dream of theirs while growing up to hit one when they get to the show. Sometimes those dreamers go on a tear and hit two in a single game while on a hot streak. Then there are those who reach a summit not easily achievable by many.

Here are the list of players who wore orange and blue and defied the odds by hitting three home runs in a single game.

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