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Chris Archer’s Hair vs. Dallas Keuchel’s Beard Battle

While many of my posts go very in depth on statistics and fantasy baseball talk, I want to take a moment to hear from my followers on their opinions on Chris Archer‘s mane hair and Dallas Keuchel‘s beard. These two guys have put some intense time and effort on the mound to become some of the most elite pitchers in the game, but they also have put a ton of time into their fierce and hairy look. I’m not sure how much effort truly goes into this (for all I know, they might just let it grow, but I would assume these guys have a method to keeping their manes in line), but it is impressive nonetheless. As you can see below, Chris Archer is already comparing the lengths of their hair to each other, but I want to know which pitcher has the best look on the mound when it comes to their hair. With that said, please vote at the link below



Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – March 6, 2016

MLB Reports


It is Sunday and time for The Sunday Request


My love for the Pirates runs deep and long. And I do think they are going to be a post season player again.

It is a we are family episode of The Sully Baseball Daily Podcast.

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Is Edwin Encarnacion the Key to Next Offseason for the Boston Red Sox?

The 2016 MLB season has just kicked off with the first spring training games of the year, yet it’s not too early to start looking forward to next year. As things currently stand, there is a lengthy list of players set to become free agents in 2017. While they possess varying skills and positions, there is one player in particular the Boston Red Sox should focus their attention on, and that is Edwin Encarnacion—who could be the key to next offseason as an excellent candidate to replace the departing David Ortiz.


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