Foul Ball Predictions for the 2016 MLB Season and Beyond

Everyone loves predictions. Too often we see predictions of which team has the best starting rotation, which players might be in contention for the batting title or some other award, and the teams most likely to make it to the postseason. However, sometimes we need a little break from these more mundane and basic predictions. I offer you that break in the following list (or more accurately, I offer you some “foul” predictions). My prognostications for the 2016 MLB season are somewhat serious, or at least seriously tongue-in-cheek:

  • All 30 teams will save money on baseballs this season due to extended netting; teams will have more BP and MiLB balls to use. However, the financial losses as a result of the obstructed views—no foul balls can get to the fan due to the obstructions—will significantly offset those gains.
  • MLB will announce a shortened season starting during the 2018 season. Teams will still play 162 games, but more doubleheaders will be played in order to speed up games and shorten the season so baseball isn’t played in October. This decision is made in order to avoid stiff competition for game viewership and attendance. Currently, MLB is competing against the other three pro sports for attention.

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