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BBA Live Podcast Enters Season #2

Ricky Keeler and AC Wayne host the flagship podcast of the BBBA!

Ricky Keeler  and AC Wayne  host the flagship podcast of the BBBA!

Ricky Keeler

& AC Wayne

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BBA Live! is entering its second season. Listen in as AC Wayne is again joined by Ricky Keeler of Yanks Go Yard and District On Deck (Nats).

Tonight, we’ll showcase the AL East as well as all the latest news and headlines throughout the league. Tentatively scheduled, special guest: Rich Rivera of Mets Public Record.

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A casual look at Major League Baseball and The New York Mets. Call-in When we are live! #347-326-9300

What to expect from the Dutchies this year? Jurickson Profar

With Spring Training at full swing now, it is time to see how the players from the Kingdom of the Netherlands will do in the upcoming season. Of course there is no crystal ball and it is still up in the air, but in general you can make a decent prediction based on the performance of previous years.

Texas Rangers.svg

Jurickson Profar is finally on the way back from a very long stint on the DL. Jurickson started the 2014 season on the 60-day DL and was expected to return to the Rangers mid June. But somewhere in May 2014 the Rangers announced that Jurickson had re-injured his shoulder again. Jurickson opted for rest instead of surgery. But as he got injured again in February 2015, it was decided that he would get surgery. This would cost him almost the entire season. In August he started his rehab stint with several MiLB teams of the Rangers and he was added to the Arizona Fall League to get ready in time for the 2016 campaign. In both cases he served as a DH.

What to expect from the Dutchies this year? Jurickson Profar

Youngsters Making An Impact In 2016; National League West

Seager, CoreyPosition players are in camp and games are just around the corner!  For the last week, we;ve been taking a look at a couple of young players for each team that I think will have a larger impact in 2016. We started with theAmerican League East, moved to the AL Central, hit the AL West, swung it to the National League East, NL Central and today we take our final look at the NL West!

Arizona Diamondbacks

Archie Bradley, RHP – This one is part pipe dream and part reality as I’m not sure Robbie Raywill hold the 5th spot all year.  Bradley had been on top prospect lists since 2012 and finally made his debut in 2015 with Arizona and started off with four strong starts where he was 2-0 with a 1.80 ERA, but was hit in the face by a line drive by Carlos Gonzalez that knocked Bradley unconscious for 3-minutes.  Bradley made his way back two weeks later, but it was pretty clear he wasn’t the same pitcher.  His ERA ballooned to 5.80 by June 1st and Bradley was sent to the minors shortly after.  The potential is there and Bradley showed it, if it wasn’t for bad luck, who knows what would have transpired last year and who knows if Bradley will be the pitcher he once was after this trauma.

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Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – February 23, 2016

MLB Reports

022216-MLB-Jon-Lester-PI.vadapt.664.high.66 Rick Scuteri / USA TODAY Sports

The Cubs are the team to beat.

Read that sentence again. It seems strange to think about it, doesn’t it?

But seeing that they are the team to beat, don’t be surprise of someone beats them!

It is a don’t mention the Billy Goat episode of The Sully Baseball Daily Podcast.

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The End of Cliff Lee?

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