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Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – February 13, 2016

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A tweet I wrote aboutBilly Martin.

It got an interesting response.

I admit my phrasing was not that clear. But trust me, the chain reaction of events that went from Billy Martin’s death in 1989 to the hiring of Joe Torre is clear, if not direct.

It is a “connecting baseball to the meaning of the universe” episode of The Sully Baseball Daily Podcast.

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Why It Is Time To Allow Marijuana In Baseball

MLB Reports

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Jordan Gluck (Part Owner/Featured Writer): 

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Why Its Time To Allow Marijuana In baseball

The Green Revolution has become a hot button topic recently constantly becoming one of the most recommended issues people have wanted national politicians including potential presidential nominees to talk about.

The issue is about to get really get on the hot stove as it could potentially be on the ballot in a dozen states and potentially pass in a couple of state legislators. Off those states include baseball hotbeds Arizona, Florida and California which not only all have major league teams but minor league affiliates as well.

As it currently stands players on a 40 man roster dont face penalties more than fines for smoking weed but players in the minor leagues (and for now D1 Colleges) face extreme penalties starting at 50 games.

Below is a quote…

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The History of MLB Dynasties

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