Odds To Win The 2016 MLB World Series

This weeks best bet.

This weeks best bet.

Hunter Stokes (Featured Writer) 

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Howie Kendrick signed with the Los Angeles Dodgers this past week, and the club has learned that Yasiel Puig has dropped 15 LBS in the offseason.

While I still peg the Dodgers for about 90 – 91 wins as of right now, they have the best odds on the board this week.

There is no doubt the San Francisco Giants lineup 1 – 8 is way better and Pitching Staff is also more rounded, however the gap between the two clubs is not a difference of +600.

I would put the Giants about 93 – 94 wins.  Their roster moves while decent this winter with Johnny Cueto, Jeff Samardzija and Denard Span, they all come with a little question mark here or there.

Not saying the Giants shouldn't be the NL West favorite. Their odd should be more like +1100, and the Dodgers should be at +1300.

Not saying the Giants shouldn’t be the NL West favorite. Their odd should be more like +1100, and the Dodgers should be at +1300.

Samardzija featured a 4.96 ERA for the entire 2015 campaign.  Cueto had a 4,76 ERA in 13 Game Starts with the KC Royals – and Denard Span only stayed healthy for 61 Games.

Add this to Hunter Pence, Matt Cain and Angel Pagan all spending a ton of time on the Disabled List in 2015, and there is a chance the gap might not be as significant.

The Dodgers are bringing back the same offensive roster they put forth last year.  There is a pile of room for internal improvement there.

Yasiel Puig, Joc Pederson and Corey Seager will tip the scales in the either direction.  I think by now Adrian Gonzalez, Andre Ethier and Howie Kendrick that you pretty much know what to expect.

The last remaining position players are the Catcher and LF position.  Carl Crawford and Yasmani Grandal are certainly average players who could still have some good ball within themselves.

I am not arguing the Giants shouldn’t be the favorite here, because they should be.  As a gambler, I love the Dodgers for the value.

They are the 3 time reigning NL West champs, and may keep adding players to better themselves as the year progresses.

Not much of anything has transpired to change any of my other moves with the bets.

Gregory Bird‘s injury to the Yankees will only hurt if Mark Teixeira gets hurt for a bunch of games.  That may even be more towards the 1st 2 months of the season or the last two months.

I still believe the Pinstripers should hedge their bets with a Justin Morneau (who could platoon DH with Alex Rodriguez, or take reps at 1B and give “Tex” a rest as a DH versus tough Right Handed Hitters.

Brian Cashman is looking at Dustin Ackley as a backup for all four Infield positions.  I think that Ackley will be gone from the club before July 4th this year.  I hope I am wrong here.

The New York Mets are still my 2nd favorite pick.  Them being tied with the Nationals for the 3rd best NL Odd is not right.  Heck, New York should be a bigger favorite to win than San Francisco.

The Cardinals are a Yadier Molina injury of coming back to the Bucs for 2nd place in the NL Central.

The Cardinals are a Yadier Molina injury of coming back to the Bucs for 2nd place in the NL Central.

With news of Yadier Molina potentially being hurt still with that hand injury, I am starting to believe the Pirates may not be too far off the Cards.  I have released them from the bad odds list, as I feel their number is about right.

If the Los Angeles Angels were to sign Dexter Fowler I would automatically put them on the good list for value with a +2200 mark.

Odds To Win 2016 World Championship

Blue – Good Value

Red – Bad Value

Chicago Cubs +700

SF Giants +900

Toronto Blue Jays  +1000

Boston Red Sox +1000

NY Mets +1100

Washington Nationals +1100

KC Royals +1200

St. Louis Cards +1200

Houston Astros +1300

Texas Rangers +1500

Pittsburgh Pirates +1500

Arizona Diamondbacks +1500

LA Dodgers +1500

NY Yankees +1500

LA Angels +2200

Detroit Tigers +2200

Cleveland Indians +2500

Seattle Mariners +2500

Miami Marlins +3000

Chicago White Sox +3300

Minnesota Twins +4000

TB Rays +5000

Baltimore Orioles +5000

Oakland A’s +6600

SD Padres +7500

Milwaukee Brewers +10000

Cincinnati Reds +12500

Atlanta Braves +17500

Colorado Rockies +20000

Philadelphia Phillies +35000

ws champs

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A big thanks goes out to our featured writer Hunter Stokes for preparing today’s post.

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