Blue Jays Off-Season Recap: Who Will Be The Closer?

Osuna - Blue Jays

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The Blue Jays acquired Drew Storen from the Washington Nationals for Outfielder Ben Revere.

There has been a lot of discussion whether Roberto Osuna the current Jays closer, will stay a closer for the Toronto Blue Jays, or will be a setup man, or even potentially a starter.  

With spring training coming closer and closer everyday, the Jays still have many decisions to make and some limited routes to choose this off-season.

Roberto Osuna played professional baseball since the age of 16 in Mexico. You often hear the term, “A closer is a failed starter” which means just that, and an example of this is Brett Cecil.

This quote can also apply to other roles in the bullpen such as a setup man.

A popular suggestion can be to make Roberto Osuna a starter, keep Aaron Sanchez in the bullpen and make Drew Storen the Jays closer. This method could potentially work out very well, or it could go very wrong.

The good thing is, if Osuna gets enough experience as a starter, he could potentially be more comfortable with his pitches, and another positive to this method is if Osuna isn’t a successful starter, he can then go back into the bullpen giving Sanchez a chance to start.

A negative to this method is, if Osuna doesn’t pan out as a starter, it can mess with his confidence and make him a less-effective bullpen pitcher.



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