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Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – January 26, 2016

MLB Reports

635724872184533275-Dedication2 Rob Manfred has shown an aptitude to make drastic changes in the sports since taking over as the Commissioner a year ago in the MLB. The new agenda is to have both the American League and National League playing by the same rules. Purists will hate the adopting the DH, as is their disdain for the Designated Hitter in the AL. They will say they should eliminate that position. different solution.

Rob Manfred gave an interview where some of the slow decisions by baseball made me happy, others did not.

Plus I seem to always be in danger of erasing my apps.

It is a dragging your feet episode of The Sully Baseball Daily Podcast.

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Another Baseball Card Year Set To Start With 2016 Topps

2016 topps box.jpgAnother baseball card season is about to kick off with the release of the flagship Topps Series 1 on February 3rd.  Topps has been the main brand since 1951 and now is joined by numerous off-shoots of Topps that include Bowman, Topps Heritage, and Gypsy Queen to name a few.

Topps once again will break the traditional set in to 3 series, which include Series 1, Series 2 (released 6/15), and an Update Series that is released in October.  The look once again revolutionizes the brand after last years popular design by forgoing borders for full bleed player photos for the first time in the history of the brand (here is the evolution of the design over the years).  I was a fan of last years move away from the stale white borders and looks like I’ll be a fan of 2016 with a design that looks more like the Stadium Club cards than the traditional Topps release.

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Detroit Tigers 2016 Payroll Update

detroit tigers2With the pitchers and catchers a few weeks a way from reporting, the Detroit Tigers payroll is just about set unless they add another arm late in the hot stove season.  The only remaining arbitration case out there is the biggest in J.D. Martinez.  MLB Trade Rumors is projecting J.D. to get $7.8mm, but you have to wonder if Detroit is trying to extend him at this point.

That said, if J.D. does come in around $7.8mm, Detroit will have surpassed the luxury tax threshold of $189mm for the first time (more on the Lux Tax here) at an estimated payroll of $199.6mm and will be hit with a 17.5% penalty.   The tax would equate to an estimated incremental $1.86mm.  If the Tigers add any additional payroll through out the year, that figure goes up.

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