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Ranking The Top Rookie Baseball Card Classes From Topps For The Last 31 Years; 10-1

2011 topps mike troutFor the last couple of days, I’ve been ranking the top rookie classes for the last 31 years from Topps Baseball Cards with rankings from ranked 31-21 and yesterday we covered 20-11.  Today we wrap up with my top 10, but before we get to that, here’s a little more background…

To start off, I am only going to use Topps and not any of its offshoot brands like Bowman or Finest.  I’ll use the standard series cards and include traded/update sets as well.  The term rookie card had only been defined in the last decade so things may not always be apples to apples.  From 2006 on, a Rookie Card can only be established once a player has played in a Major League game.  This makes update sets incredibly important as they catch the late call-ups in their sets.

Additionally, Topps backed off rookie cards for a while it seemed by allowing Bowman (their rookie card brand since 1989) to get the first cards of players like Mariano Rivera, or other manufactures may steal the Rookie Card title altogether like Fleer did with David Ortiz.  You’ll also notice duplication of some rookie cards in the ‘80’s since the players cards that came out in traded sets were considered XRC (extended rookie cards) since the cards were only sold in set form and away from the standard sets.

I’ll look at Hall of Famers, potential Hall of Famers, impact players, overall potential, etc. and remember…the PED era has nothing to do with anything in my opinion.  Here we go…

View the Top 10…

Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – December 18, 2015

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jedi2 LucasFilm Ltd

A new Star Wars movie is coming out. Not sure if you heard about it.

The last time we had a decent Star Wars movie was 1983. A lot has changed since then, especially in baseball.

The Force is with this episode of The Sully Baseball Daily Podcast.

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