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Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – December 13, 2015

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It is Sunday and time for THE SUNDAY REQUEST.

Greatest of all time? Maybe not that high yet. But he should mentioned as an All Time Great already.

Praise the brains behind the scenes in this episode of The Sully Baseball Daily Podcast.

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Blue Jays Decision: Extend Encarnacion or Bautista?

The Blue Jays may be faced with a dilemma, if forced to choose between extending Jose Bautista or Edwin Encarnacion.

Among the many decisions the Blue Jays face this offseason are the questions of extensions.  Should they be trying to tie up Josh Donaldson long term, or would they be buying high based on his 2015 MVP year?  Is Brett Cecil worthy of a Darren O’Day level contract?  How much would it cost to lock in Marcus Stroman?

And of course, the two elephants on the table.  Should the Jays extend either or both of Edwin Encarnacion and Jose Bautista, both of whose contracts expire at the end of 2016?


The State of the Blue Jays’ Bullpen


Without making significant additions to their bullpen, do the Blue Jays have satisfactory internal options to fill their needs heading into the 2016 season?

If the season started today, what would the group look like? Would it be good enough? Let’s take a look at how it might play out with the caveat that there is still lots of time in the offseason to add to the mix. But, with impact names flying off the shelf and the cost for said arms higher than we may have thought, it shouldn’t surprise to see the Blue Jays look internally (at their 40 man roster) as much as possible.


Blue Jays Bullpen & Bo Schultz


The deeper Toronto wades into free agency without signing an impact-level relief arm, the more likely it becomes that a widespread competition will determine approximately two bullpen spots. This can produce fine results under the right circumstances, of course, depending on who the Blue Jays choose to fill their remaining 40-man roster spots with.

While trawling for low-level MLB signings, MiLB contracts and waiver claims, expect the Blue Jays to target affordable upside with back-end potential. Looking at the current roster, they do have an arm that fits that description in Bo Schultz.


Blue Jays Fans Want Offseason Action, Not Excuses


The new president of the Toronto Blue Jays faces many challenges in building on the team’s 2015 success, but fans are tired of excuses and want results.

Reasonable, logical fan understands the parameters under which the Blue Jays are operating. But, there is a growing sense among others that these parameters are just excuses. Rightly or wrongly, these excuses are only serving to feed the frustration over the club’s new regime. From the day Mark Shapiro was introduced as the team’s new president, there was an uneasy feeling that things would be different. He brings an extreme logical, business approach to running a team.


An Interview with Former Relief Pitcher Jim Mecir

Job security can be difficult to attain in professional baseball given the ever-changing landscape. However, relief pitchers that prove they can consistently produce out of the bullpen are all but guaranteed to steer clear of the unemployment line. A perfect example of that is right-handed pitcher Jim Mecir, who enjoyed an 11-year major league career as one of the steadiest performers in his line of work.


WTF Pittsburgh? Are You Contenders Or Are You At The Kids Table?

This club has improved a great deal over the last 8 years, and they are in great His strategic moves over the next 12 months will determine if that means a playoff round win.

This Pirates club has made themselves relevant in the NL for the last 3 years with appearing in the Wild Card game – and pushing the Cards to the brink of elimination in 2014.  However this organization has looked petty in looking too much to the bottom line so far this offseason.  They have lost 4 players from the 98 win team of 2015 – and only have Jon Niese and Juan Nicasio as guys that help the MLB squad in 2016.  They still have 3 months to go, but thus far the winter has been a tire fire.

Hunter Stokes (Chief Writer) 

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What the hell are the Pirates doing this offseason?!!  I mean I have tonnes of respect for Neil Huntington – however the brass has made some highly questionable moves to save some money.

The Pittsburgh window to win is 2 – 3 more years, yet it almost looks likes the management is throwing a preemptive strike to blow the club up.

Okay, I may be overstating the facts a little here – as there is still well over 3 months before the club even hits Spring Training.

The club first non-tendered Pedro Alvarez – rather than head to the last year of Arbitration with him.  He would have made in the neighborhood of $10 MIL in 2016 – I get that, but losing a 25 – 30 HR out of your lineup will be tough to adjust for. (more…)

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