Member Blog Hosts Fantasy Baseball Challenge

Through The Fence Baseball still has room left in their eight league fantasy challenge! Each league features bragging rights and a $20 purse. There’s a bigger kick that just got added: each league winner will be added to one league next year and the winner will take home the big prize that features a $100 prize.  All that to play a free game! Head here to play now!
Here’s the league rundown.

TTFB National League – Draft: March 13th – 6PM – Head-to-Head Scoring [LEAGUE FULL]

TTFB American League – Draft: March 14th – 8PM – Rotisserie [six spots left]

TTFB Division League – Draft: March 27th – 8PM – Hall of Shame (Worst teams wins!) [eight spots left]

TTFB Conference League – Draft: March 12 – 8:30PM – Triple Crown (Only triple crown categories!) [ten spots left]

TTFB Singles League – Draft: March 20 – 8PM – Pitchers Duel (Do we have to explain this?) [11 spots left]

TTFB Homers League – Draft: March 25 – 8PM – Homers (Just the long ball!) [seven spots left]

TTFB Wins League – Draft: March 22 – 5:15PM – Head-to-Head One Win [nine spots left]

TTFB Finals League – Draft: March 19 – 4:15PM – Total Points [six spots left]

About Bill Ivie

Father, Lutheran, baseball lover, engaged to @CardsChic (twitter handle). You can find me writing for,, and as well as on twitter (poisonwilliam) and facebook.

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