Continuing To Add Members

The welcomes that started yesterday continue on this afternoon!

–Loic bring his Major Baseball to the General Baseball Chapter of the organization and in doing so becomes the third foreign-language blog on the rolls.

–There’s always something baking at Aaron’s Tasty Baseball Blog and Aaron brings his goods into our General Baseball Chapter.

–The General Baseball Chapter has to add on a new wing for all their new members! ¬†Also joining up is Niklas and Niktig’s Baseball Blog.

–Keeping an eye on the up-and-comers is the job of the new Other Baseball blog, Minoring In Baseball.

–Jeff writes up the Mets and their players over at Metsrospectus.

–Check out Clave and Fantasy Baseball Crackerjacks if you are needing some help preparing for your league this year.

–Kyle keeps up with baseball cards at his Miscellaneous Chapter blog, Jabo’s Baseball Card Blog

–Out on the West Coast, Trevor follows all things orange and black at The Giants Baseball Blog.

–Dizzy and Curley bring you Crum-Bum Beat, yet another General Baseball Chapter member.

–Steve has a look at a specific card set in his Miscellaneous Chapter blog, The Greatest 21 Days.

–The other squad in New York gains a new BBA member as well with Rasheeda writing at Bomber Boulevard.

–Andrew helps keep your baseball history knowledge spruced up at his aptly-named blog The Baseball Historian.

–Finally (for now), another Other Baseball blog that focuses on disbanded minor league teams. ¬†Check out Andy’s work at Fun While It Lasted!

  1. #1 by Michael David on January 31, 2012 - 2:44 am

    Thank you so much for the mention!! I hope some other baseball fans check out my blog, and more importantly, their local Minor League team. I’ll be checking out some of these other blogs for sure!!
    ‘Minoring In Baseball’

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