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Alliance Membership Update

The latest additions to the Baseball Bloggers Alliance:

Mark covers baseball history and its cultural influence, primarily the 1924 Seattle Indians of the Pacific Coast League.

Ryan writes Twins on Twins with – you guessed it – his twin brother, discussing – right again – the Minnesota Twins, also on Twitter.

Last but not least, new Friend of the BBA Jack talks about baseball card collection. He has collected cards with his two sons for over 20 years.

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BBA Membership Gets Bigger

The newest batch of members to the Baseball Bloggers Alliance:

–Robbie writes The BaseBlawg, a new addition to the General Baseball Chapter.  Not only does Robbie write generally on baseball, she’s also a law student, and having a lawyer in any organization is a good thing.

–You’ve often asked, “Did The Tribe Win Last Night?”  Mike answers that question daily, writing about the Cleveland team on a regular basis.

–Some think stocks, some think bonds.  David’s Oakland A’s blog is titled after a different way of savings.  Read The Todd Van Poppel Rookie Card Retirement Plan to get all of your Oakland news and opinion.

–Yossi writes over at The Rays Rant and is the newest member of the Tampa Bay Chapter.

After a couple of removals, the current BBA count stands at 316 blogs.

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More Blogs Added To The Ranks

As the season winds down and the pennant race push heats up, more and more blogs are joining with the Baseball Bloggers Alliance.  Here are some of our new members:

–Michael writes for Yankee Fans Unite, a blog that obviously follows the American League New York team.

Hot Corner Harbor has something for everyone, so it’s been placed in the General Baseball Chapter.  Theo writes on numerous topics, but has a couple of different series of posts over at his place.

–If you are a fantasy player, especially one in a keeper league, you might want to check out The ChampionRoss Fantasy Baseball Blog.

–Another member of the Other Baseball Chapter, Jim writes about the Camden RiverSharks, an independent league team, over at Shark Bytes.

–Covering the other side of the New York baseball scene, Freddy writes over at Mets Hot Corner.

With these new members, the BBA has expanded up to 314 different blogs with more to come!

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