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BBA Continues To Grow

Four new members have been added to the Baseball Bloggers Alliance rolls:

Baseball North, besides being more comfortable than most of the United States right now, covers the Toronto Blue Jays as well as other aspects of Canadian baseball.

No Yankees or Red Sox here.  Left Coast Bias follows the San Diego Padres exclusively, adding to the extensive San Diego BBA chapter.

Another unique blog is Sports Equipment Guru.  This Other Baseball Chapter member looks at what everyone uses to play the game that we love.

Finally, another West Coaster has joined the organization.  Dodger Dugout takes on the boys in blue in Los Angeles, both on and off the field.

Welcome to these great blogs!  That brings our membership total to 306 with, no doubt, more to come!

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More New BBA Members

On the heels of yesterday’s influx of new members, a number of blogs have also joined the Baseball Bloggers Alliance.

For Baseball Junkies can be found in the General Baseball Chapter, because there’s nothing baseball-related that they won’t tackle, either in the present or in the past.

Increasing the Boston Chapter is The Pesky Pole.  Check Michael out for anything related to those socks that run red.

On the other side of the country, you can read Seattle Mariners Musings.  The title tells you what you’ll find there!

Going along with the number of card-related blogs that are members, ’59 Topps gets added to our Miscellaneous Chapter.

Another West Coast joined up as well.  Punky G. writes about his beloved San Francisco Giants.

Stylistically a bit different from your run-of-the-mill blog, the NJ Baseball Magazine is the internet presence of a physical mag.

After removing 18 blogs that were not reaching the requirements lined out by the BBA Constitution, the organization now has 304 members.

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Fresh Blood For The BBA

The Baseball Bloggers Alliance is proud to announce a new group of members.  This brings the current number of member blogs up to 316, with more pending acceptance.

Bullpen Banter focuses on the minor leagues and as such as been assigned to the Other Baseball Chapter.

Twins Fan From Afar is the latest member of the Minnesota Chapter, focusing on the Twins from half a country away.

Fantasy Sports Dirt is, fairly obviously, a new member of the Fantasy Chapter and can help you with all your fantasy baseball needs.

Like baseball cards?  Check out the newest Miscellaneous Baseball Chapter member, Indians Baseball Cards and Random Wax!

Joining the General Baseball Chapter is Major League A-Holes.  You’ll find a focus on the two Chicago teams as well as the Tigers over there.

For the first time in the organization’s history, a blog that is contained to Facebook has joined us.  The Topps Traded 1975 Project will also be found in the Miscellaneous Baseball Chapter.

Another member in the Other Baseball Chapter is Next Level Ballplayer.  NLB is designed to help those that are playing the game improve their skills.

Finally, I Bleed Beer chronicles the rise and fall of the Brewers and as such as been added to the Milwaukee Chapter.

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